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A Guide To Selecting Sunglasses for Your Face Shape


The ideal pair of sunglasses is more than just a necessity for protecting your eyes from the sun. They can be a powerful accessory and a fashion statement. Consider sunglasses like any other item of clothing — the most appealing pieces are those that are customized for you. Sunglasses for women, like jeans or a power suit, look best when tailored to your specific shape and size.

Several factors must be considered when selecting the best pair of sunglasses. Certain styles are only appropriate for certain people. Even though your preferences are the most important consideration, there are still a few other things to remember. Among the most important considerations is the shape of your face. Some types of faces are more suited to certain styles of sunglasses than others.

Which Sunglasses Suit Your Face Shape?

While every face is unique, you can generally classify faces into one of four types:

  •        Square
  •        Round
  •        Heart-shaped
  •        Oval

First, determine which of these four categories matches your face shape, and then start shopping for sunglasses.

Sunglasses For a Square Face

The length and width of a square-shaped face are similar. A square face will have angles and corners that are sharp. Your hairline is sleek but straight.

The objective should be to round off the features of a square face so that it appears less harsh. Round or oval-shaped glasses are going to look the best on square-shaped faces. This helps create a more balanced appearance by softening your face’s sharpness.

Sunglasses For a Round Face

Rounded faces are marked by noticeable curves but less sharp angles. It is more circular than squared-off. A round face has rounded corners, cheekbones a little more prominent than average, and a forehead and jawline of the same width. Usually, a person’s forehead and cheeks are about the same width and their chin is round.

Wearing sunglasses that make your face appear longer is a good idea if you have a round face. The ideal sunglasses for women with round faces will steer clear of rounded details and highlight sharp, angular lines. This will help lengthen your face and make it appear smaller and more pointed. Your face can appear more stretched out and have more defined contours if you wear square or rectangular sunglasses. This facial group also looks good in colored frames that sit high on the temples and aren’t too bulky. Remember that darker-colored frames can also contribute to the lengthening effect you might be looking for.

Sunglasses For a Heart-shaped Face

Faces with a heart shape are broadest at the temples and taper down to a point at the chin. Your forehead is the most expansive area of your face, and the narrowest section is your chin.

The ideal sunglasses for people with heart-shaped features have rounded top and bottom edges, with no straight lines along the top. A good solution for this scenario would be sunglasses that offer some equilibrium to the relationship between the brow and the chin. They should soften the look of the chin and avoid making the forehead stand out too much. Your most acceptable options are sunglasses in a round, aviator, or cat-eye shape. They work to pull the focus downward and provide the appearance of elongation to the face.

Sunglasses For An Oval Face

Oval-shaped faces have a narrower forehead and a narrower chin, giving them an extended shape. The length of your face is longer than its width.

If you’ve got an oval face shape, wear sunglasses that reach right down your cheekbones and conceal your brows. You should look for designs as wide as the space around your eyes. Square, round, cat-eye, and aviator sunglasses for women are all good fits. They help to define your face’s structure without altering it.

Find Sunglasses for Women That Best Complement Your Face

To select the best pair of sunglasses for women that compliment your face shape, first determine the form of your face. Whether you are just getting groceries or going to brunch with friends, the right pair of glasses can be the perfect addition to your look. Finding the best shape for your face can give you a boost of confidence and elevate any outfit.