A Small Kitchen Space Doesn’t Equal Limited Creativity – Think and Create Freely 

At times homeowners think that a kitchen space décor indicates spending a fortune and adding bold color palettes. In fact, you can get it all done by making a few thoughtful changes and transforming a basic décor into something pleasing and classy. 

Before going on this journey, you must ensure that your kitchen space is free from clutter. It should also be clean and free from pointless appliances. Once you do that, you will find that you can design your kitchen space creatively, even when you have a small space. With clutter, your decorating ideas look cramped and a tad bit untidy. On the other hand, an empty space allows you to visualize all that you can possibly do with the kitchen space. You possibly can’t get rid of everything. Try and retain only what you need for the remodel. 

So, when planning to give your small kitchen space a complete facelift, you need to find ways to spend wisely. In terms of the decorative elements, lighting, cabinetry, and appliances, you must carefully plan it to transform the space well. Now that you are determined to accomplish this task, here are a few pointers to help you:

  • A sink faucet

Homeowners who wish to make their kitchen space look stylish without spending much should ensure they get the correct sink faucet. Besides being functional, the faucet adds to the kitchen’s overall look. Hence, when you are buying a kitchen sink faucet, you need to ensure that you get the size correct so that it appears to be a manageable piece in your kitchen space. That would draw attention to one corner and spoil the décor. 

  • Get smart about storage

Most homeowners often get concerned about storage. Here you can choose sleek hanging racks and wooden shelves. It will help open up the space and allow you to store all the pans, pots, and other utensils with the class. Investing in vintage accessories and pans for hanging on the rack is possible to create a rustic look. 

  • Greens can do wonders

Plants can enliven your small kitchen space. It helps to bring in an element of freshness to the room. Go ahead and add more vibrance to the aura of a small kitchen by adding more greens. Get the large and small pots whenever you want. You can keep it on the countertop, the storage shelves, and atop the refrigerator as well. 

  • Get the metallic faucets and task lighting to bring on a glam element

Metallic touches can bring an element of class and up-town charm to your kitchen space. You can install the task lighting with a complete gold finish atop the sink space and select the handles and faucets in the cabinetry to have a gold finish. 

  • Statement lighting works wonders 

The small kitchen space can create a lasting impact on people who walk into it, irrespective of the size if there is statement lighting. You can say yes to the sleek statement light, which has spun-metal hoods and glass globes for upgrading the kitchen island look and the neutrals across the space. 

  • A patterned rug can help to warm up the ambiance

The patterns will bring an immediate touch of drama and beauty to your décor. You can ensure that the dull small kitchen space can get life by adding a patterned rug on your floor, which can complement the shades integrated into your room. Select a conventional print for the new-age interiors to add class and fun. 

  • Floating shelves can add more creativity

Bid farewell to the cabinets by using doors which does not occupy much space in the kitchen. You can make an intelligent selection with the floating wooden shelves and then stretch it across your wall to have ample space to keep the storage boxes and utensils. However, ensure that you have much room between the shelves to access natural light. Else, the area might appear cramped.

  • It would help if you considered a bold backsplash.

The backsplashes give your kitchen space its essence. And when it comes to a relatively compact kitchen space, you gave the option to play using patterns for creating a lavish look. The metallics can provide a minimalistic, new-age, and stylish charm that adds extra elegance to the kitchen space. You can select the wallpaper and metallic tiles to design the backsplash and add glam to the neutral kitchen décor. 

  • You need to add a splash of vibrant hues

Often small kitchen spaces have an island! If you fall in this category, use your innovation to arrange the seating. Skip the stylish chairs for seating, as they can consume ample kitchen space. Instead, you can say yes to the plastic, wooden, or metal bar stools that have vibrant colors, creating an interesting color mix. 

  • Select the glass cabinet doors

It’s essential to ensure that your small kitchen is spacious and open. You can do this by adding glass cabinet doors. Make sure to select dark brown wood for lower cabinetry. That aside, you can also select the white cabinets for the upper selection and install all the glass doors to cover them. When you have a silver metallic backsplash, it can add much class and elegance to the kitchen cabinets. 

Finally, you should create a seamless flow of pattern and color. Go ahead and welcome all the drama into the humble kitchen space. Ideally, you should develop a visual flow between the shared spaces and innovative patterns and colors. The blend of bold check patterns on the floor and the floral print on the backsplash sit very well with the varied shades of green in your cabinetry. The stunning decorative elements on the floating shelves can add glam to the entire theme. 

When you have a small kitchen space, you should never consider this to be a limitation. In fact, you should get excited to try ideas that will help you to add more space to the kitchen and make it appear pretty and elaborate.