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About Targeting Options in Facebook Ads

Targeting Options in Facebook Ads

Why you need Facebook Ads for your business?

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platform which is used by many users around the world. The number of users for the Facebook platform is increasing every year and below image shows the increase in the Facebook’s user base in the past years.

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From the above image it’s very clear that the usage of Facebook is increasing drastically and hence as a business people you need to promote your business in Facebook/Instagram to get more brand awareness.

Facebook allows the advertisers to target the users based on the various demographic options. In this blog, let’s see in more detailed about the targeting options available in the Facebook Ads.

Ad types in Facebook

There are many types of ads available in the Facebook. Based on the campaign goal, you can choose the ad type and proceed with that. Ad types are divided based on the campaign goals like Awareness, Consideration & Conversion.

For instance, if you are starting a new business and if you would like to get more reach for your brand. Then you can choose either brand awareness ad type of reach type. So your ad copy will be optimized in a way to be seen by more number of users in the target audience set.

As shown in the above image, you can able to use the Facebook Ads in many possible ways to get more conversions for your business. For instance if you don’t have a website and if you have only Facebook page for your business, then you can still drive conversions to your business using Facebook Ads. If you don’t have website, then you can use the “Lead Generation” ad type and make the users to inquire your business through contact form in Lead Form in Facebook Ad itself. So this will work better if you don’t have a business website. If you are planning to create a business website, then you can create one by referring the guide written by SEO Consultant Dinesh Kumar VM on creating a WordPress business website from the scratch and making it live on Google.

Target options in Facebook

As like the other advertising platforms like Google, In Facebook also you can target the custom audience based on the below mentioned factors,

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Detailed Targeting

From the above options, location target, age target and the gender target will be common in most of the advertising platforms. Detailed targeting option is the most unique one when it comes to Facebook Ads.

Detailed targeting is split into three main categories as Demographics, Interests and Behaviours as shown in the below image.

By using the demographic target options, you can target the users based on the education, financial status, life events, relationship status, work, etc. as shown in the below image.

Similarly under interest target option, you can target the users based on the business, industry, etc. That is in the interest ad target category, Facebook allows the advertisers to target the users based on business niche. For example if you are planning to promote health related products, then you can target the users who is interested more in fitness & wellness. Similarly there are many targeting options available which you can use it.

So by using the interest target option in the Facebook ads, you can custom target the audience based on your products/services that you are promoting.

Finally the third category of target option in the Facebook ads is based on the Behaviours.

As shown in the above image, Facebook Ad target using user behaviour allows you to target based on the user activities in the online mediums. This is the more detailed targeting option. For instance, if you are promoting some products, then the normal users will have less chances to buy and the users who have high online purchase behaviour will only buy. In this case, you can target the users who has good shopping habit as shown in the below image.

This is just an example, similarly based on your business niche and the campaign goal. You can narrow down the audience in the Facebook Ads and custom target the audience for the better reach.

Let’s take an example

Say you have an online shopping website where you have more gaming related products like gaming keyboards, gaming joysticks, etc. In this case if you are planning to get more sales by using the Facebook Ads, then you need to target the users who are already into the PC gaming.

So, by using the behaviour target option, You can target the users who are already interested in gaming and are playing games. You can see from the below image, Facebook allows you to target the gamers specifically.

So you can use this target option and show ads only to the gamers. On the other hand, you need to narrow down the ads to more specific audience. So you can optimize it by choosing the right age group, location, etc.

Similarly based on your business niche, you can plan the campaigns. If you are planning to start the Facebook Ads for your business, you can hire the best Facebook Ads consultants from the agency like ClickDo, founded by the Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond.


As the internet usage is increasing day by day, if you need more inquiries for your business, then you should make sure that your business has better reach in online. Facebook is one of the best medium to promote your business and get more reach. Similar to Facebook, Instagram advertising is getting trend in the recent times as more people started using it.

As a business owner, just create a Facebook page for your business and start sharing the regular updates in the page to keep the audience engaged. Share some informational insights about your business niche frequently in your Facebook page, so this will make the users to engage with your posts which results in increased brand reach.

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