AdvancedMD: Shaping the Digital Future of Behavioral Health 


EHR software has become the holy grail of healthcare practices in this rapidly digitizing world. According to statistics, up to 90% of healthcare providers in the U.S use some EHR software. However, although EHR implementation is commonplace, the situation is a bit trickier for behavioral health practices.

From the difference in workflow operations to the involvement of confidentiality laws, behavioral health practices require an EHR that does more than redesigning operations. While there is no definitive answer as to which EHR is best for behavioral health practices, several well-known names in the industry like AdvancedMD EHR are worth giving a shot.

AdvancedMD is a comprehensive suite primarily used for physical therapy medical and mental healthcare practices. AdvancedMD is a robust EHR that automates the patient journey and transforms their experiences.

AdvancedMD Features

Easy Configuration

AdvancedMD accommodates multiple therapists and providers. The EHR charts can easily be configured with various aspects of practice management. The multi-specialty capabilities also allow group practices. Each provider can customize their workflows while seamlessly documenting from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

AdvancedMD provides a complete lifecycle of electronic clinical documents. It comes with a generalized cards feature, enabling advanced directives. The practitioner can easily create configured EHR notes with over 275+ options. No matter what the location or environment is, AdvancedMD has an automated system of responding to no-shows and cancellations as well.

Complete Mental Library

A complete mental health library is available that provides several tools for client assessment. Another notable aspect is that the practitioner can also measure the severity of their patient’s condition.

Auto-calculated Diagnostic

The efficient auto-calculated diagnostic feature ensures the precision and accuracy of the process. When a patient responds to the personality inventory questions, the clinician’s notes are auto-populated. A simple click will enable the practitioner to check the patient’s score, aiding prognosis and treatment of the disorder.


The HIPAA-compliant e-prescription feature allows the clinician to prescribe from anywhere. It’s user-friendly and provides complete access to the patient’s medical record, helping in prescribing controlled substances on any smartphone or computer.

Efficient Privacy

Dealing with highly sensitive information? The my-eye-only feature provides authorized access to the relevant staff and sends alerts when someone tries to access the chart.


The robust HealthWatcher feature ensures health compliance while seamlessly managing follow-ups. The clinician can also personalize safety protocols through it.

Bidirectional Lab Interface

The Bidirectional lab interface will always keep you a step ahead without putting any extra effort or time. Through AdvancedMD, you can electronically send reports to the lab and get results directly in your client chart. In addition, AdvancedMD boasts a donut dashboard that gives neat and quick highlights of the information.

Effortless Reimbursements

AdvancedMD will replace manual billing processes. It will scrub, track, review and submit claims on your behalf. In addition, its efficient system identifies errors before the denial stage so that you can remedy them beforehand. This simple functionality will increase your revenue and help you get more reimbursements effortlessly.

Quick-Charge Entry

The quick-charge entry feature will enable your billing staff to take immediate action. The charges are captured digitally, and then the information is passed automatically. The automated feature will also reduce your labor costs by sending invoices to the clients.

Kiosk App

For more convenience, AdvancedMD offers Kiosk-based client forms for the waiting room. All you need to do is install a front-desk kiosk app available both for Android and IOS. It will help you save time by allowing your patients to fill out the assessment forms while waiting.

Following an automated process, the results are captured in clinical patient notes for immediate progress review of several disorders, including anxiety and depression. In addition, the clinician can track and see the score trends in the Flowsheets. This entire system leverages same-day assessment and reduces the extra effort of data entry. In addition, AdvancedMD supports common reviews like GAD-7 and PHQ-9.

Remote Assessment

In behavioral healthcare, privacy holds a central importance. AdvancedMD allows complete intake forms remotely. Patients can complete their documentation within the comfort and safety of their homes. From symptoms and history to the structured interview questions, AdvancedMD streamlines each of these crucial steps. The responses are auto-populated on the templates, which can easily be used as a prerequisite for office visits or therapy sessions.

Effortless Financial Reporting

Are you tired of the complexities, especially when it comes to financial reporting? Say no more! AdvancedMD gives an in-depth analysis of your practice’s financial health. Its tool named “AdvancedInsight” provides ad-hoc reports which are also easily customizable. It comes with all the capabilities of a medical billing software.

Additional Features

Some of the other features of AdvancedMD include scheduling, teletherapy, client management, and billing. The best part is that it comes with well-aligned templates with American Psychiatric Association (APA) severity disorder measures.

The templates include EHR notes, sub notes, and intake forms that help the psychiatrist or psychologist assess, monitor, diagnose, and develop treatment plans. AdvancedMD also allows the evaluation and progress documentation of the severity of a wide range of disorders using DSM-5 criteria for both adults and children ( aged between 11 – 17 years).

AdvancedMD Reviews

The AdvancedMD reviews show that the medical billing software is highly rated for ease-of-use, value for money, functionality, and customer support. Overall, this medical billing software is highly acclaimed by professionals, making it worth considering, especially if you need a behavioral health-specific EHR.

AdvancedMD Pricing

AdvancedMd pricing is based on two models. One is a per-provider model, while the other is one per-month model. It also offers an encounter-based program where you can pay based on per-patient encounter. This pricing model is particularly beneficial for small and new practices.

If you opt for a stand-alone practice management module without EMR, in that case AdvancedMD will cost around $429 per provider every month. However, full integration with practice management will cost about $729 per provider monthly. If you opt for the per encounter model, in that case it will cost you around $2.18 per encounter, with an estimated $500 for 229 encounters a month.

AdvancedMD Demo

Do you want to try this medical billing software without first paying for it? Then schedule an AdvancedMD demo today to get an in-depth overview of its features. AdvancedMD demo is not only personalized and live, but also it’s free.

Our Thoughts

AdvancedMD has many advantages for a behavioral health practice of any size considering all the capabilities mentioned above. In addition, the practice management capabilities of AdvancedMD streamline the entire administrative workflow and gives a unified experience to the practitioners.

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