Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Technology in Education

The education sector has taken massive steps forward in the last 30 years thanks to the introduction of computer technology. The days when a classroom has only a single computer are gone. Right now, colleges can afford to have multiple computers in classrooms for their students or even allow them to bring their own computers. There is no denying that the world needs education and people to learn new things for the future to be bright. This article was willingly provided by experts from AffordablePapers cheap paper writing services will look at the advantages and disadvantages computer technology brings to the table. 

Advantages of computer technology 

  1. Computer technology helps students stay motivated during lessons. Not all students are fans of going to college and see it as a waste of time. When a college has technology in the class, lessons become interesting and motivates students to learn more. If students are motivated to learn due to the use of educational games, for example, they are less likely to skip classes.
  2. Computer technology helps parents and teachers communicate with each other. Computer technology bridges the communication gap between parents and teachers. Emailing and telephone calls were the only way parents and teachers could communicate in the 1990s. These days, social media platforms and various apps like WhatsApp have added an extra avenue that can be used by both parties to instantly communicate with each other.
  3. Computer technology allows information to be accessed from one place by tutors and students. The days of visiting the library and flipping through 4-5 books are long gone. These days tutors and students have access to an online encyclopedia from a single location. Google makes it easy for everyone to find all they need whether it is teaching notes or answers to assignments. 
  4. Computer technology prepares students for future roles in IT and Data entry. Despite the health risks that come when one is exposed to too much screen time, the benefit is it prepares students for challenges ahead when they become adults. Plenty of jobs across the world no matter the industry requires one to work on a computer to some capacity. Computer technology allows students to familiarise themselves with these machines and take to any future roles like a duck to water.
  5. Computer technology allows students to collaborate. Many students find it hard to retain things being taught to them by their tutor from books. According to recent research, students remember 20% of what they’re taught but tutors encourage collaboration, this number quadruples. Technology makes it easy for students to use online tools to solve problems and work today. Teamwork is a skill that students can carry on into their work life.
  6. Computer technology opens the doors to new ways of learning. Technology gives students the power to control how they learn. They can do things that were not possible in the past through different ways of learning allowing them to discover new materials on their own and methods of doing things.

Disadvantages of computer technology 

  1. Computer technology is sometimes distracting. Technology can lead to many students becoming addicted to it and unable to learn without it. It is up to tutors to ensure there is a balance and their students don’t become distracted by using it for something else other than learning. 
  2. Computer technology can encourage cheating. Since technology allows students to communicate with each other effectively, it can lead to cheating. They can send each other answers and tips for a particular exam, test, or quiz they might be sitting for. This makes tutors not have an accurate representation of their students’ knowledge if they cheated.
  3. Computer technology is something that some families can’t afford. Whether it is at home or college, there is no denying that computer technology isn’t cheap. With different people and college in different financial positions, not everyone has the money to buy computers based on their salaries and money coming in from tuition fees respectively. It is one thing owning computer technology, maintenance also adds extra cost. One needs to buy antivirus software for security as well as have money on the side for repairs. 
  4. Computer technology can make tutors become spectators. Students learn well when they interact with tutors, however, apps and different software are slowly replacing tutors. A college must be careful when they’re considering implementing technology in their ranks because they will take away the hands-on approach even though things can be customized to suit a student’s needs.
  5. Computer technology can leave students exposed. Millions of people across the world experience identity theft or are scammed. There are so many criminals out there who actively look for vulnerable students to take advantage of. When a college introduces computer technology, they are putting the identity of all their students who use their machines at risk. Not taking the security of students seriously can bring more bad than good to a particular college. 
  6. Computer technology can cause health issues in some students. Looking at a computer screen for too long can cause eye strain. If you’re a student, suffering from eye strain is something you don’t want because it can affect your academic performance. 

You might find it hard to get your assignments done if your eye problem gets serious and you can suffer from this health problem for years. On top of this, some other health issues students suffer when they use computer technology include problems focusing, blurry vision, neck pain, eye pain, and even neck pain. 

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