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Advantages of investing in Ethernet adaptor with HDMI port

USB to HDMI adapter

usb 2.0 10/100m ethernet adaptor is a useful device for MacBook. In most cases, we expect people to connect MacBook through a Wi-Fi connection to the internet. A Wi-Fi connection is a wireless connection, unlike a LAN connection, which is a wired connection. Both are used for connecting the MacBook to the internet.

If one uses a Wi-Fi connection, one does not need an adapter. On the MacBook, one can see a list of Wi-Fi connections available in the vicinity. One chooses the connection for which one has the password by clicking on it. Upon entering the password and clicking enter, one is connected to the internet. One can surf high speed internet while it is made available by the vendor.

Another way of connecting to the internet is through the hotspot present over one’s smartphone.

But suppose one is in a situation wherein a Wi-Fi connection is not reliable, and one finds the hotspot on one’s smartphone to be slow. In such a situation, you would require usb 2.0 10/100m ethernet adaptor to connect to the internet. This will also come handy in a situation wherein one is not carrying his smartphone.

USB to HDMI adapter

Why is the Ethernet adapter necessary to connect to the Internet for the new MacBook?

A few of the readers may find it hard to believe that the new macBook does not have Ethernet port. Technology is shrinking, and Macbook is going slimmer over time. The newer versions are slimmer than the older.

Ethernet port is larger than the two USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports that are present over Macbook. MacBook has been made to be slimmer to make it convenient for using and carrying for the end user. But as a side effect, there is no room for the Ethernet port over the new MacBook, because Ethernet ports take more space.

However, the two Thunderbolt 3 ports over the Macbook are powerful. By using usb 2.0 10/100m ethernet adaptor, one can easily connect the MacBook to a wired LAN connection. This type of a multiport has the Ethernet port for facilitating a wired LAN connection.

If consider the case of laptops in general, apart from MacBook, we come to see that they generally come with two USB-C ports and one HDMI port. In case another device occupies the HDMI port, or the HDMI port is damaged, a USB to HDMI adapter will come in to be useful for such a laptop as well.

The primary advantage that comes with USB to HDMI adapter is that one can connect one’s laptop or MacBook to a larger display. One can correspondingly catch movies, videos, images and slideshows over a larger display.

This comes good for work and recreation purposes alike. If one maintains a MacBook at offices, HDMI port can be used for connecting to a larger display or a projector. This helps with board and staff meetings, and getting ones ideas across is simplified.

What is 10/100m Ethernet?

Let us see what 10/100 m Ethernet is. 10/100 m Ethernet is a Ethernet connection that has transmission speeds of 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps. Very old computers cap out at 10 Mbps, while newer ones can receive data packets at 100 Mbps. So, usb 2.0 10/100m ethernet adaptor can be used with either kind of computers.

A few of the computers have data transmission speeds that are even higher, in the line of 1GB. MacBook is one of them. Very high internet speeds are useful for a range of applications such as high speed gaming.

In case you intend to receive such high speed internet over MacBook, one has to select the adapter carefully. This is accomplished by going through the adapter’s specifications before invest in it. The adapter should mention 10/100/1000 m in its specifications.

 HDMI card reader

In case one wants to enjoy high speed gaming over one’s MacBook from over the internet, one will prefer to play streaming video games over the large screen.

This is one situation wherein a multiport adapter such as usb 2.0 10/100m ethernet adaptor will come in to be very handy. A multiport Ethernet adapter will have the Ethernet port, so connecting to a LAN connection will be possible. Similarly, it will have the HDMI port. Using this port, the MacBook can be connected to a 4K HDTV as well.

Therefore, a user will be able to enjoy high speed gaming over his TV. This takes the joy of videogaming to the next level.

USB to HDMI adapter

HDMI port has a range of applications that go beyond enjoying high speed gaming over the TV. One can connect a range of display devices to the MacBook by using an adapter that has the HDMI port. This includes TVs, computer monitors, camcorders and projector. High speed audio and video signals are streamed by HDMI devices, as per HDMI standard. The connections are two way, and support both, input and output.

The A/V signals are received as an input for the MacBook when MacBook is connected to a Camcorder for viewing live signals and recording, using the HDMI port. Similarly, MacBook outputs A/V signals when it is connected to a monitor for streaming movies from NetFlix, using the HDMI port. These are some benefits of investing in a multiport adapter with HDMI port.

When one invests in a multiport adapter for a MacBook, one should make sure that it is a USB-C multiport adapter, to ensure that one’s adapter is compatible with one’s MacBook.

A USB to HDMI adapter comes to be handy for a range of situations, a few which do not involve MacBook or a laptop. Just as an instance, by making use of the USB to HDMI adapter, one can connect ones phone or camcorder to a larger display and stream media files directly over HDTV. For the purpose, one can invest in micro USB to HDMI adapter. The operation of micro USB to HDMI adapter is similar to the functionality of USB to HDMI adapter in many ways. A user primarily has to see the purpose for which he requires an adapter, and make a choice accordingly. HDMI card reader can also be used to share multimedia files among digital devices.

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