All About Blooket


Blooket is a gamified learning platform with quiz-style questions and skill games designed to keep students engaged while keeping them on task in class and outside it. They can play these games on their own or with classmates to accumulate points for playing on both levels – keeping their focus to keep progressing forward!

Teachers can easily create question sets using the ‘Create a Set’ feature, providing students with a code so that they may join and compete against their classmates in this online quiz game.


Blooket games are designed to engage students in classroom learning. Fun and competitive, they allow them to drill facts while building teamwork spirit and are especially beneficial for remote learners – they may even be assigned as homework!

Blooket games typically consist of trivia- and review-oriented questions that teachers can create themselves, or select auto-generated sets relevant to their teaching plan. Furthermore, Blooket provides end game stats of each student that teachers can use as tools for evaluating student performance.

Blooket is a free to join online platform that provides educators and students with a modern take on education through virtual games and quizzes. Teachers can host Live games for their classes using the Game ID provided, and also adjust settings like game duration, time zones, and more. Students can either play as teams or solo modes while saving their progress as they go!


Blooket is a game-based quizzing tool that offers teachers an array of quizzes to choose from. Users can host multi-player games on the platform. Teachers can create their own questions or import premade sets from its discover database – making this quizzing tool truly game-centric!

Teachers can utilize Blooket as a review tool before an exam, an informative assessment during class or even assign a game as homework – all free for their use!

Blooket differs from Kahoot in that it does not require downloads to access. Teachers can log on by simply providing their email address and creating a free account; once complete they will be provided a code to share with students (Gamer ID). Once students possess this Gamer ID code they can join a game by entering it on the Blooket site – each game ends once one player reaches certain amount of gold or set time limit has passed.

Homework Assignments

Blooket is a game-based learning tool that gives students multiple ways to review material. From live game mode for synchronous instruction or homework assignments for self-paced study, Blooket allows users to test themselves against friends or against themselves as they answer questions for points!

This site boasts an expansive question library and game builder, providing teachers with everything they need to customize games specifically to their classroom needs and use settings created by other users. Games are intended to be fun and engaging; students can compete against one another playing Tower Defense or Gold Quest games for extra motivation to learn.

Blooket provides thousands of questions and various game modes for classroom review, similar to Kahoot and Quizzes but with more variety. Its student-friendly interface makes it simple to navigate and create sets. Teachers can create question sets by entering a code and choosing from one of three game modes available – each question set comes complete with its own card that displays questions, answer choices and time limit as well as whether or not it can be hosted in-class or assigned as homework.


Blooket is a game-based learning platform used in schools to increase classroom engagement. Combining gamification with immersive learning (such as quizzes), this interactive education solution makes learning fun for students. Offering both a free model with basic capabilities as well as premium services for an annual subscription fee.

Teachers can choose from pre-made Blooket sets and games or create their own. Questions and images within these games can also be tailored specifically to their students’ abilities – for instance there’s even a “Name that Logo” set that tests student knowledge of different company logos!

As students play the games, they receive instantaneous feedback and data on their performance – helping teachers to identify areas for instruction to focus on. Plus, students can easily monitor progress and analyze results at any time, making blooket an ideal platform for online teaching and distance learning.