All about unikernels – what they are, what they do, and why they matter for YOUR Business!


Cloud software is the next big thing in the IT industry. With the ability to control programs, run applications, store data, and securely communicate between various platforms globally, business owners and employees can share encrypted information and business data without worrying about security breaches and cyber-attacks.

Determining the most efficient and secure way to run things in any industry is pivotal to staying productive. By figuring out the latest way to improve your business’ security, reduce data footprints, increase optimization, and achieve faster operation times, you can see a considerable increase in your business’ productivity and income.

What are unikernels, and how do they work?

Unikernels are single-address machine images that help store all of the necessary data and steps to properly run an application without any glitches or security breaches. Unikernels use software to shrink the possibility of attacks by minimizing the ‘surface area’ that can be latched onto by attackers.

In addition, unikernels reduce the footprint of cloud services by compiling all of their necessary data into one image. They use languages combined with images that run directly to hypervisors – a technology that lets you operate in a cheaper method with more secure protection. Instead of needing other software or hardware, unikernels use hypervisors to stay quick and efficient.

Unikernels benefits

Compared to the traditional operating system or other cloud-based computing methods, unikernels provide hosts of benefits, such as improved security, reduced online footprint, reduction in attack surface, and quicker start-up times compared to other choices, like Containers or VMs.

  • Improved security – unikernels reduce the footprint, simultaneously reducing the chances of cyber attacks that can find the unikernel, breach the unikernel, and obtain secure data.
  • Small footprints – unikernel images are smaller than other deployments, making it harder to track the online movement.
  • Quick start-up – unikernels can boot exceptionally quickly, often in less than one second, whereas the competition takes between 20 and 30 seconds.

What is the purpose of unikernels?

Unikernels are simpler and more secure than other technologies used for deploying applications. Instead of needing an operating system inside the unikernel, the technology lacks any spaces or holes for cyber attackers to pounce on. Instead, the unikernels benefit from increased security and increased performance.

Where can I get unikernels?

Unikernels are still in the production process and trial phase, so they are more of a concept than a reality at the moment. There are different unikernel efforts in making the production of unikernels quicker and automatic, so they can be purchased and used online. Although you can’t buy unikernels as of yet, they will be more widely produced and accessible in a few years.


Unikernels are a simple, secure, and efficient method of storing all of the necessary data in a single image to run applications smoothly and securely. By lacking a traditional operating system and having improved performance capabilities, unikernels show many benefits over the options on the market today, like VMs and Containers.

In a few years, companies will use unikernels to improve their business efficiency, security measures, and productivity in daily operations.