All Free Rewards and Targets in Halo Infinite Joint Fire

Just getting underway is the Halo Infinite Joint Fire event. You can unlock everything listed here, and this is how the event will function.

Joint Fire is the newest event for Halo Infinite. It’s Halo Infinite’s first respectable content release in the comparatively light in early 2023. While there isn’t much on the horizon, Joint Fire is approaching. Before the start of Season 3, there’s one more significant incident. 

January 17 is the start of it in Halo Infinite. With the Halo Infinite Joint Fire event, a lot of new content will be released, including the full release of a beloved armor.

Much of the stuff that was first hinted at in the Winter Update is being continued in Joint Fire. A game mode out of that Halo update is making a comeback, along with all-new cosmetics. These Halo updates are completely free and a good reward for fans who have stuck with the game throughout these slow months.

Here’s everything about the Joint Fire event, including information on how to fully unlock the Reach gear and a list of all the prizes.

Joint Fire Event Pass

The free gifts that are being given out in Halo Infinite Joint Fire are the major event. Classic armor from Halo Reach will be available in the game. All players will have access to this because the event pass is also free. The JFO-Class Mjolnir armament is built up gradually during the traverse. It came from Halo Reach. By accomplishing unique tasks in the Joint Ops playlist, you can pass the Joint Fire event pass and obtain the new armor.

You can have the whole set of armor as well as two new helm colors for absolutely no charge. A brand-new armor layer is also present. These benefits are redeemable at any time during the Joint Fire event.

The pass has close to a dozen reward tiers. With Halo Infinite’s Joint Ops game mode, each tier will result in a unique award. There are only a few weeks left for you to finish it. However, with only 10 layers, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

The Joint Fire Battle Pass’s tier prizes are as follows (and necessarily in that order):

  • Bay Sunset Visor
  • Squad OP Backdrop
  • UTIL TVASTAR Diagnostic Rig Chest
  • UA Type JFO Knee Pads
  • Violet Crush Armor Coating
  • JFO Helmet
  • SAP/JFD Shoulder Pads
  • HUL-I/XFTREC/Flamingo Helmet Attachment
  • Action Lime Visor

Although they are all free, you must reach the top of the Event Pass to access them all. To unlock everything in-game, players must progress through the game’s new content and pass all of these tiers.

Convert One Flag

A mode called Convert One Flag was first removed with the Winter upgrade. For said Halo Infinite Joint Fire event, it is making a comeback. The current event is centered on this mode.

If you haven’t joined yet, it’s a straightforward game mode. A single flag is under attack or defense by players. It’s a 4v4 CTF variant. On every squad, though, players have a different loadout.

Attackers have unrestricted use of active camouflage. Defenders have an infinite number of thread sensors. It’s designed so that both teams can utilize a crucial component. The game style is an enjoyable asymmetrical take on a classic.

Halo Infinite Joint Fire Challenges

The Halo Infinite Joint Fire Challenges are essential for completing all of the Event Pass tiers. They are limited to Joint Operations. However, there are a number of objectives, so there’s some diversity.

These tests make use of particular tools. However, the majority of them will only be accessible when you’ve completed rounds and accrued a certain amount of personal score. There’s no particular tactic or thing to remember here; the main approach to obtaining the new armor is to do well in the game.

All of the Joint Fire Challenges are included here:

  • Strout Defense – Kill Enemy Spartans with the Sidekick or Bulldog in Joint Ops (5) – 100 XP Reward
  • No Site Unseen – Win Rounds in Joint Ops (2) – 100 XP Reward
  • Quiet Vigilance – Earn Kills or Assists in Joint Ops (30) – 200 XP Reward
  • Quiet Vigilance – Earn Kills or Assists in Joint Ops (10) – 100 XP – Reward 
  • Sneaking Suspicion – Complete Matches in Joint ops (1) – 150 XP Reward
  • No Site Unseen – Win Rounds in Joint Ops (10) – 200 XP Reward
  • Strout Defense – Kill Enemy Spartans with the Sidekick or Bulldog in Joint Ops (5) – 100 XP Reward
  • No Site Unseen – Win Rounds in Joint Ops (10) – 150 XP Reward
  • Sneak King – Earn Cumulative Personal Score in Joint Ops (5,000) – 200 XP Reward
  • Sneak King – Earn Cumulative Personal Score in Joint Ops (1,500) – 100 XP Reward

Each of these tasks will advance you to one rank on the Joint Fire Event Pass while also awarding you XP. You’ll get the armor to the fullest and other accompanying cosmetics if you manage to defeat them all.

The majority of these objectives just need you to complete Joint Ops. You actually don’t need to change the way you play. In addition to employing a few pieces of weaponry for a few of these difficulties.

The End Date of the Halo Joint Fire Event Is When?

The occasion was scheduled to begin on January 17, as we said. It will remain in the game until January 31 as well, which is a respectable amount of time. That takes players several weeks to complete all of Halo Infinite Joint Fire’s content.

The event is really the only thing that is still planned for the near future. Until the end of January, we still have Joint Fire. February is much more sparse; nothing has been revealed on the roadmap up to this point before the season begins. Make the most of Joint Fire while it’s available because Season 3 is scheduled to premiere in March. Before the next phase of the game begins, players will primarily use the intermission to sharpen their skills.

But before the new season begins, Halo Infinite eSports are returning so is the interest in betting on it on a selected number of betting sites, among which are those listed at Once Joint Fire is complete, the HCS Charlotte Major is rapidly coming; you won’t have to wait long for the HCS to make a comeback.

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