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All you need to know about YouTube Live Stream

YouTube Live Stream

In 2016, YouTube quickly became Twitch’s main streaming competitor by adding a live-streaming feature to its platform. More and more creators are trying it, and the number of viewers is logically increasing. But if you are not getting you can Buy YouTube live stream views that will help to rank your stream on the first page.

Customize live settings beforehand

To be able to broadcast live content, it is necessary to activate the feature beforehand. Please note YouTube specifies that the activation period can sometimes last 24 hours. To make the request, you must go to YouTube, select Create, and choose the Go Live option. Once this procedure has been carried out, the activation will be done automatically, and you will be able to launch a live session as soon as the platform indicates it to you. Only accounts that have a verified phone number can access the feature.

Remember to fill in the title and description of your live, since this is what Internet users will see before going to your live. You have the option to add a custom thumbnail from the Stream Settings page. Some of the options you can customize include:

  • Tags: These are descriptive keywords that you can add to your videos to help people find your content. They help target your audience. Remember to modify them when they no longer correspond to your content.
  • The live:  you are free to customize the category of your live to adapt your references to your content. Consider changing this setting constantly to match what you’re streaming.
  • Programming:  you have the possibility of programming lives in advance to make them appear as “coming soon” in the suggestions of your subscribers. They can thus choose to set a reminder so as not to miss any of your live streams.
  • Chat:  Your viewers can send you messages via live chat. You can moderate it, switch it to subscriber mode only, add moderators, or activate slow mode to add a minimum delay between 2 messages from the same user. It is also possible to delete the chat if you wish.

More interactive communication with live broadcasts

Live video streaming allows your audience to interact with you. When you’re live, you can have a real-time conversation with the audience and create a dialogue between them and your brand. Viewers can use instant messaging to ask questions or request to speak. You can then respond to them immediately and in a personalized way.

Professional filming studios like Studio Webcast also allow you to develop this interactivity thanks to connected platforms offering quizzes, live polls, or a chat. But if you feel you have more views, you can buy YouTube live stream viewers easily from YouTube Market.

Enhanced engagement of live-stream audiences

Thanks to the interactivity offered by video streaming, your customers, prospects, and all of your employees feel more included in company decisions. By showing that you take the time to respond to them and take their remarks into account, you establish a relationship of trust with them.

Viewers are also attracted to the transparency of live video. They are interested in the universe and the presentation of your company when it is more “authentic,” that is to say, with fewer scripts, preformatted speeches, and above all, without the possibility of modifying the video in postproduction. Broadcasting unfiltered content conveys an image of authenticity and allows your audience to get to know you better so they can better identify with your brand.

Increased visibility

The success of live broadcasts contributes to developing the visibility of all professionals and companies that use this communication channel. Indeed, event streaming is popular on social media. However, these networks represent the most popular platforms on the Internet, with millions of people connected daily. Broadcasting an event live on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is an easy and economical way to increase your visibility and notoriety.

Most webcast solutions and studios allow you to do a simultaneous live Facebook and YouTube or other social networks to reach the audience of these different platforms and collect all their comments and remarks in a single broadcast. This feature makes it a cost-effective way to promote your brand or business.

Optimized SEO with live stream

Platform and search engine algorithms have also adapted to live to stream. Facebook, for example, automatically sends notifications to your audience when you start a live broadcast. Social media platforms have found that live videos have, on average, 6 times more interactions than traditional broadcasts. So they adjusted their algorithm to encourage this mode of communication further.

In addition, it can integrate live videos effectively into a content strategy. Before the event, do not hesitate to communicate about your broadcast by recalling it. The date and inserting keywords and links to your site and offers.

After the broadcast, you can also:

  • Publish the video on your website or your professional pages;
  • Use screenshots to create visuals;
  • Cut the video into pieces to add it to your Instagram story;
  • Transcribe the audio to make it a basis for articles optimized for SEO;
  • Collect questions and comments from the audience to derive new ideas for articles, posts, or live videos.

Live to stream: for which events?

Simple and quick to set up, live broadcasts are suitable for most professional events. They are instrumental for:

Online tutorials

Online tutorials and tutorials are beneficial, as they give consumers a better understanding of your product and offer. They can project themselves into its use. Plus, it helps unclog your customer service, as users will find most of their answers in your live videos.

Finally, can we integrate the online tutorial into a marketing strategy since it brings a feeling of confidence and reinforces the quality image of your brand?

promotional content

Live broadcasts are a medium of choice for promotional content. Beyond classic and often impersonal advertising spots, live streams allow you to adapt your speech live to the reactions and questions of your audience. You can thus develop more personalized and, therefore, more effective commercial arguments.



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