Alternatives to React JS: Top Frameworks You Can Use

Why is React JS gaining attention in the market?

Developing a full-fledge Single Page Application expects a growing and stable platform like React. The Virtual DOM feature is grabbing the attention of developers as the information is processed faster. It is an open-source platform based on JavaScript that is used to build engaging and dynamic web interfaces. The React JS development company will always find the advantages of using the React JS to build a SPA:

  • It is easy to develop a website or application as it is based on a single language JavaScript, that can be implemented in the frontend and backend.
  • It offers reusability of various components like buttons, dropdown menu, checkboxes, etc. This eases the work of developers who earlier had to rewrite the codes for adding the same functions again.
  • It offers developer tools like customizable charts, documentation tools, graphics, and other components that save time used in building web applications.

Let us see some great Alternative to React JS

Angular 2

This version of Angular is based on TypeScript that is a superset of JavaScript. It focused on the components that help in building the application into modules. Components help in maintaining the application in a better way.

Components of Angular 2:

  • Modules are used to make logical pieces of code in the application. Every module has a single task.
  • Components are used to keep the modules together
  • Templates define the views on the AngularJS application
  • Metadata help in adding more data into the Angular JS class
  • Service is used to build components that can be shared inside the entire application


It is known as the UI framework for the next generation that is a developer-friendly framework. It has Modern JavaScript modules that can be used to build a powerful platform that works on desktop and mobile devices easily.

Advantages of using Aurelia:

  • It follows the model-view approach, a developer does not have to specify controllers that can be handled by naming conventions.
  • By using Aurelia you can handle any number of routes by using the router-view component.
  • It is completely modular as it has a collection of libraries that work together using well-structured interfaces.
  • It supports various programming languages like ES5, ES2016, ES2015, and TypeScript that gives high flexibility to the developers.

Inferno JS

The interesting fact about the Inferno is that it has a JavaScript library that lets the developers build User Interface on the same API as the JavaScript React. That means the React JS developers can easily work on Inferno JS and build web applications.

Features of Inferno JS:

  • The architecture has one-way data flow which is component driven
  • The linkEvent feature removes the requirement of binding event callbacks or arrow function
  • The input or select elements has controlled components
  • It has isomorphic rendering on the client-side and server-side


A JavaScript framework that is used to create web applications. It lets you focus on the application instead of writing the same code again. The three important features of Ember.js are:


These help in keeping the properties between two different objects in synchronization. It allows you to architect using MVC pattern so that the data flows correctly from layer to layer.

Computed Properties

They work with bindings and treat a function just like any other property. Ensure that the dependencies are listed so that Ember is aware of the updates in the bindings that connect computed property.

Auto-Updating Templates

Ember uses Handlebars, which is a semantic templating library. Templates are aware of bindings that means if you change the value of a property then it will be updated automatically.


A faster alternative to React that has the same modern API. Preact is a JavaScript library that can implement the fastest virtual DOM.

Benefits of using Preact:

  • Does not require build tools for simple applications
  • Similar React API and patterns
  • The Virtual DOM is simple, faster, and effective
  • Applications are supported by all modern browsers
  • Optimized Algorithm
  • Elements and component recycling available
  • Use the components from the React ecosystem


It is an open-source JavaScript library that believes in writing less code and performing more. In jQuery, the developer just has to call their method instead of writing the code again. Advantages of using jQuery:

  • The event handling in jQuery manages the user actions like a mouse click or keyboard keystroke that can be completed in a few lines of code that are inserted anywhere in the JS logic of the application.
  • Add, delete, or modify the HTML elements easily using the browser interface DOM (Document Object Model).
  • The .ajax() method helps in sending the asynchronous HTTP request on the server without any page reloads.
  • It has a collection of methods like .hide(), .slideUp(), and more to add dynamic effects in the application. The developer can create custom animations using .animate().


A collection of code written in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript that can be reused to develop responsive web applications. The reasons Bootstrap is preferred by web developers:

Responsive Grid

Bootstrap has its own grid system the developer just has to fill in the content. You can use different breaks to define custom breakpoints for every column.

Responsive Images

Add .img-responsive class into images then the predefined CSS rules will help in automatically resizing the images depending on the screen size. It gives you the freedom to change the shape of images.


It has a great collection of components to ease your process of development like:

  • Dropdown
  • Thumbnails
  • Navigation bars
  • Progress bars

And many more that assure one can easily develop a web app and make it responsive to all screen sizes.


This is a flexible technology that uses minimal resources to develop applications. An open-source JavaScript framework that is used to build SPA and user interfaces. The advantages of developing with Vue.js:

  • Scalable and flexible
  • Built-in solutions for certain functions
  • Applications are smaller in size that helps to load them faster

We hope you have made your mind about the one you want according to your business idea. It isn’t that simple, there are many more things to consider while choosing a framework to develop web applications. As an experienced React JS development company we can give you the expert advice after knowing about your business. Contact us now and let’s resolve your doubts.

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