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When it comes to seeking a multifunctional and efficient drawing tool of decent quality, there are numerous solutions that can work excellently for different purposes and objectives. Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator Draw, CorelDRAW — without a doubt, these applications occupy the first places in the rankings of the most popular solutions in the market. However, all of them are hard to master and have complex functionality, some features of which won’t come in handy in average performance.

These considerations have helped me find a new vector graphics app — Amadine. Today I would like to focus on the reasons why this program seems so captivating for me. Let’s get it started!

Amadine Basic Advantages

I remember my first days of mastering CorelDRAW, and that was far from a hassle-free and non-stressful experience. Of course, over time, I have become more skilled and understand which principles are applied in UI and UX design to make the menu layout more intuitive in navigation, but Amadine has managed to become a nice surprise.

Its interface is bright and attention-grabbing, so it is a pure pleasure to keep on working for hours in the program. The inner architecture is performed well, and I can give it eight out of ten points wholeheartedly. However, although there are small errors, they are regularly fixed.

This software under analysis differentiates with cutting edge technology, which simplifies its appliance in different fields of art. Apple Pencil, Metal 2, and Touch Bar are just a few samples of why I prefer Amadine over other options. By the way, with more than thirty tools for visual content realization, editing, and printing, the project complexity doesn’t matter at all.

The program releases new versions regularly, and the fact it is going to boast of its iPad and iPhone compatibility is second to none. Along with access to dozens of powerful vector graphics tools, I achieve a huge potential benefit in the competitive market. Now it is not a problem to switch between my devices and stay in touch and in the artwork creation process anywhere and anytime.

The tools presented will work for creating artwork in different directions — from print projects like flyers, branding designs, illustrations to web design elements like web banners, user interface icons, graphs, and charts. The range of formats is backing up in this case and lets users stay flexible.

Progressive Step in the Future Innovation

Of course, I can’t help but appreciate how better this vector drawing app becomes with every update. The service provider searches for new features to be implemented, but that’s not their only purpose. For instance, an error that didn’t allow altering the guide’s tones in the settings section was fixed. Here are some other examples of how far in self-developing they can go:

  • Using a finger won’t prevent you from applying the Eyedropper and selection tools.
  • Along with interface and usability modifications, the export capabilities have been improved, allowing sharing files to supported applications and Photos. For instance, customers won’t face any difficulties trying to export a multi page file in PDF format.
  • The recolor feature has been improved in color quality and overall performance.
  • The solution keeps on modifying the text tools gradually. For instance, it is now possible to apply numbered and bulleted lists without issues and program lagging.

What is more important, the service provider checks customers’ feedback, and it is clear that this information is used for the best — numerous crashes have been detected and eliminated thanks to this approach to interacting with their target audience.


If you are a non-experienced graphic designer, this application is the right shot. If you would like to level up your skill base and knowledge about the field itself, then it is a wonderful opportunity to keep up with the latest trends as well.

While it is absolutely worth testing, it is also a huge advantage to check beforehand which results are possible to achieve with the application’s functionality. From this perspective, access to their own gallery of works is a second-to-none chance to get taught unconsciously and motivated. Enthusiasts don’t have to be professional artists to succeed in preparing vector graphics artwork, and video tutorials will serve such customers brilliantly.

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