Anchor Clamp for ADSS Cables: Everything You Should Know

The most reliable method of cable fixing in today’s era is with an anchoring clamp. These clamps are ideal for the ADSS cables and are typically used to strain the insulated neutral messenger without damaging the cable’s insulation.


Moreover, an anchor clamp has the ability to deliver the angles of an LV-ABC system. Because of their strength and durability, almost no one can install networks without the use of special equipment like anchor clamps. Read further to learn more about this life-saving equipment and how it benefits ADSS cables.



Benefits of Anchor Clamps in ADSS Cables

A non-metallic fiber-optic cable known as ADSS is regarded as one of the most robust and resilient cables available on the market today since it can sustain its own weight without the use of messenger or lashing cables.


Like the cable itself, its supporting equipment should have the endurance to hold the weightage of the cable’s function. An anchor clamp is a powerful tool that comes in handy to keep the aerial ADSS cable in a tightly straight position without risk of cable loss or damage to insulation under suitable mechanical loads.


Apart from these, let’s dive into what more benefits an anchor clamp offers for ADSS Cables and why you should invest in a cable anchor clamp:


  1. Reliable and Safe

Anchor clamps fix the cable in a tight and secure position. They are made of flexible stainless-steel bail, which makes them easily adjustable yet gives them the ability to hold tight tension with the cables. They mount the self-supporting insulated wires with the primary goal of ensuring the wires’ trustworthiness during tensioning between the transmission line supports.


  1. Perfect for Outdoor Cables

An anchor clamp forces thermal expansion to either side of the anchor.  Since the ADSS cables are installed in dusty or humid environments, anchor clamps are made of insulators that are tensile, heat, and vibration resistant.


So even when there is heavy rainfall, or somehow a tree gets broken and causes turbulence, you don’t have to worry as these anchor clamps are designed to maintain the integrity of the cable. They also have strong resistance to high temperatures and UV radiation.


  1. Easy Installation

You don’t need complex tools to install them. Anchor camps are quite easy to install within a few seconds. The self-adjustable wedge will hold the cable and securely tension the cable. The fixing loop is given, which is made of hot-dip galvanized steel wire, making it conveniently adjusted. Moreover, a good anchor clamp won’t damage the cable during application.


Installations of Anchor Clamp

Even though installing anchor clamps to ADSS cable is quite easy and the process only takes a few seconds, one must carefully install them so that no damage occurs later. The best quality anchor clamp comes with self-adjustable wedges and has flexible bails.


Here is a step-by-step guide to installing the anchor clamp to the ADSS cable.

1) Connect the anchor clip to the rod support.

2) Place the anchor solid on the cable and push the wedge by hand to clamp the cable.

3) Check that cables between wedges are correctly positioned.

4) When the cable reaches its mounting load at the end rod, the wedge moves further into the plastic anchor clamp.




Get the Best Anchor Clamp for ADSS Cables

Better results come with better products. This is why Henvcon’s anchoring clamp is the perfect partner for your ADSS Cable.  These anchor clamps have an aluminum alloy body, an open conical body that forms a jaw, and two plastic self-adjustable polymer wedges designed to safely grab onto the ADSS cable. Some of the intriguing features of Henvcon’s anchor clamp include the following:


  • Safe and securely intact the cable.
  • High in strength and endurance.
  • Anchor clamp installation is quick and easy and requires no tools.
  • Resilient to mechanical traction.
  • Supports tension for industrial use.
  • Resistance to tensile forces, heat, and vibration.


Henvcon Is a Name You Can Trust

Thriving seven years as the manufacturer and supplier of power cable and wire accessories, Henvcon is continuously bringing the best solutions to the industry, such as telecommunications, railway, and other fields’ needs.


Apart from designing the most reliable anchor clamp for ADSS cable, Henvcon is China’s leading manufacturer of Guy Grip, Suspension Clamp, Link Fittings, Helical Accessories, Railway Fittings, PVC Products, and so on. The company is known to be punctual, quality-oriented, and committed to its work.

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