Apple Is Working On How To Detect Depression

These days Apple is one of the biggest and the best-known brands in the world. Their devices are capable, advanced and can be used for countless things. According to the Wall Street Journal, this brand is working on something more. Their devices should soon be able to diagnose depression, anxiety and cognitive decline among other things. They are teamed up with University of California and company Biogen and the goal is to help users.Apple

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How Will This Work?

It should be very easy to understand how this technology will work. It will use sensors on the phone, audio information, keyboard strokes, visited content and so much more. It will also analyze sleep patterns and process the data sooner than you may believe. Apple claims that this technology will work well and it will be reliable. Data may be sent to Apple servers. This UCLA project is more than just important. Apple is cooperating with experts from Los Angeles as well so we can deduce that the people familiar with cognitive impairment are going to be happy about the tech. Mental health is extremely important these days and something we all should learn more about. Many people read papers and essays regarding the matter, including students on a daily basis. You can find great and detailed essay topics on depression at PapersOwl and learn the topic better and understand the matter of this, great importance.

The study conducted by Biogen in 2019 evaluated 31 people with mental issues. They all used Apple devices and the study was successful. They were able to detect various issues and symptoms before anything else. Cognitive issues and depression are extremely common today and they can cause massive decline in life. Mild cognitive issues are still health conditions that should be treated as soon as possible. Biogen is a pharmaceutical company that has been with us for a long period of time.

Multiple Devices

You are probably thinking that only the iPhone will be capable of doing this. But, according to the Wall Street Journal Apple Watch has a huge role in all of this as well. It is able to use sensor data, to track sleep and follow heart rate. You already can see countless health apps for this platform that are stunning, well developed and can detect numerous issues. Your health is important so use anything you can in order to save it. According to UCLA sources, Apple is planning to use iPhone and Watch combined in order to determine when a person shows signs of depression or cognitive issues. The data will be analyzed in real time and your iPhone will be able to suggest when you need help. All of these devices will check and test physical activity, various data and heart response among other things. People need to know that this is a beneficial feature and one that might become available very soon. iOS 15 already brought countless improvements regarding the matter.


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What All of This Means?

Thanks to UCLA, Apple and their research people are going to be able to notice depression sooner. Apple will be the first and the most advanced in this case scenario. Biogen has a huge role in all of this as well. This is just one of many projects Biogen works at the moment on and probably one of the best. This also means that your iPhone and Watch won’t be able to provide treatment or any other type of help. It just means that the iPhone will be able to tell you when your mental condition is affected based on various data. After that you will still have to visit a professional who will use his own data and report notes to issue a proper treatment.

But the importance of the technology here is massive. Many people start the treatment when it is too late. With your iPhone you can start it as soon as possible which will make it more successful, easier and less time consuming. Additional research is needed and we believe these companies will do an impressive and massive research during 2021/2022. Apple is known for great results hence this might be the new tech we all need. The project is all except simple and straightforward. There are a lot of variations and things that these gadgets will need to analyze, detect and process as soon as possible. But, we believe over time it is going to work better than you may think.

The Final Word

With additional research Apple will be able to help millions. There are many users suffering from depression and they could get help much better if they started the treatment sooner. Apple has high hopes for this tech and we already can see the glimpses of it. It works well and it is more helpful than countless other features you can see on smartphones. This is one of many reasons why so many users like Apple devices.

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