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Apple’s iPhone 13 might have an always-on display with 120Hz refresh rate

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It has been only a few months since the iPhone 12 is released in the market and rumors for iPhone 13 are now floating as well. Even though, there is no information from the manufacturer Apple itself as the features and specs of new Apple products are revealed only on the launch. 

However, Apple users have turned their ears to the rumor mill and anticipate the most awaited features of the display with a 120Hz refresh rate, Touch ID, and a smaller notch. So to get latest update regarding Apple products, keep visiting ShopCarmel.

Undoubtedly, many products are anticipated in the Apple’s market, but iPhone is the most hyped product amongst them all. According to the famous tech reviewer and Apple analyst Ross Young, the next iPhone will have a 120Hz display with an always-on display. 

It is a great news piece for iPhone users as these features are available in other high-end phones of Apple’s competitors. Let’s have an insightful overview of the most awaited 120Hz feature. 

What is 120Hz?

It is a display screen refresh rate. The rate at which the screen refreshes to you till the next still shot. Likewise with any video, what it’s really showing you is an arrangement of still shots, yet played successively and rapidly. Thereby, the presentation screen refresh rate is just the rate at which it refreshes to show you that next still shot. 

For example, in the event that it has a refresh rate of 120Hz, that implies it can refresh at a rate of 120 times each second.

What will it do for iPhone users?

The iPhone 13 Pro models are likewise affirmed to include 120Hz LTPO displays, something which was required to show up on the iPhone 12. However, for unknown reasons didn’t emerge. The new iPhones are additionally expected to accompany another Always-On Display highlight which would be like the Apple Watch Series 5 and 6. 

It is relied upon to offer insignificant customizations with the clock and battery status staying obvious consistently. For approaching notifications, just a little piece of the screen would illuminate instead of the whole display.

Stronger Magnets

According to Weinbach, the physical appearance of the new iPhone series won’t see much changes. The backs of the iPhones could be more affable and simpler to grasp. He additionally said that the MagSafe magnets which join the iPhone to chargers and different frills will be more grounded so the accessories will be easier to attach. 

It is also predicted that the new iPhone series might have a little thicker appearance than the previous iPhone 12 series. The reason for this change is still ambiguous. 

Slightly Smaller Notch

To improve the user experience, Apple might reduce the size of the notch. The iPhone might combine the true depth camera components together or move them up a little. This is quite a possibility that Apple combines all the elements as they take a great pride in the True Depth Camera Innovation. 

If you are hoping for an in-screen camera, this dream of yours might not come true this season as such there are no reports confirming this news. It is possible that in the future Apple might embed a camera scanner in the screen. 

Changes in the Camera

Weinbach also predicts a couple of camera redesigns too. The Portrait mode will evidently be accessible for video recordings. When taking pictures actually, the Portrait mode obscures the foundation of your picture. 

The most current iPhones can clearly keep up this attention on a moving subject in video format. The camera will likewise have a mode devoted to astrophotography, so you’ll have the option to take extraordinary pics of the stars.

The New Cooling System

Another snippet of data coming from the famous tech reviewer and expert Ming-Chi Kuo is that the new iPhone will utilize a vapor cooling chamber framework to ideally offer better cooling within the phone. There is likewise gossip that Apple may at last offer the option to utilize your iPhone to open your Tesla vehicle with its inbuilt U1 chip. Apple launched this chip in 2019 in iPhone 11.

Adapting Type-C

It is also rumored that Apple might ditch its charging cable and adopt the universal Type-C cable. The chances are very little as Apple won’t shift to newer cable making its old consumers uncomfortable after ditching the charger earlier.

Summing It Up

In the end, it can be said that the hype for the new iPhone 13 is real and people are anticipating the incredible new launch. As of now there are no updates regarding the new launch but it is expected to be launched in the mid of October this year. 

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