Are Foldable Phones That Advantageous?

Foldable Phone

When the first foldable phone arrived, there was lots of hype. The obvious advantage of having a foldable phone was that you could now carry a mobile device around with you that has the same size screen as a tablet. However, these devices can be folded in half, which makes them much smaller than tablets.

The question being asked here is, apart from the bigger screen size, what are the other advantages of having a foldable phone?

What are foldable smartphones?

Foldable smartphones are one of the latest innovations in handheld mobile phone technology. It’s a smartphone that comes with a folding form factor. Some foldable smartphones are designed with flexible OLED displays, and others use more than one touchscreen panel on a hinge.

Some foldable phones fold horizontally, and others fold vertically. In short, they are mobile phones that can be folded to tuck neatly away in your pocket thanks to the innovative screen folding technology.

Are foldable phones advantageous for video gamers and online casino players?

The main difference between regular smartphones and foldable smartphones is the screen size, but is that a good thing for watching movies or playing games?

Having a bigger screen doesn’t necessarily mean that the games look better. In fact, what you find with many games is that there’s just lots of extra background. Most games will naturally try and fit the size of the screen they are played on, and some players say that the games just don’t look right.

However, it’s different with casino games. The action of a live dealer casino game, for example, such as live dealer roulette, looks great on a foldable phone. If you do a Google search for ‘how new casino comparison tool works’ right now, you can compare today’s best mobile casinos that currently have a vast selection of cutting-edge live dealer games for you to play in the real money mode.

Live dealer casino games take just seconds to launch in most web browsers, and they are best viewed in HD. Don’t forget that you must be at least 18 years old to play a live dealer casino game for real money. Some other online casino games that also look quite good on a foldable smartphone are slots and other traditional table & card games.

What are the best foldable smartphones?

Today’s best foldable smartphones have been developed by Samsung – one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers. If you’re looking to purchase a foldable phone today, some of the best devices that are worth keeping an eye out for are the following:

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 (possibly the best overall foldable smartphone with Android 12L software)

Other honourable mentions

You also have these impressive devices:

  • Huawei Mate XS 2
  • Motorola Razr 2020
  • Motorola Razr 2022
  • Microsoft Surface Duo 2

The only problem with folding phones is that today’s top-of-the-range foldable smartphones are still a little bit too expensive for the average consumer. For the low-end foldable phones, you can expect to pick one up for around $/€/£700 to $/€/£900, and for the high-end devices, around $/€/£1,600 – $/€/£1,900 (or equivalent currency value).

What are the other benefits of a foldable smartphone?

One of the advantages of having a much bigger screen is that you can multitask. For example, you can now have more than one app open simultaneously. In other words, you can now order a takeaway, watch your favourite shows, write emails, and stay up to date with your socials without having to flick back and forward between the different apps because you now have around twice the space.

A bigger device also means more computing power, which is great for taking videos and photos, downloading files, and streaming movies. It also means a bigger battery that can last longer than your average smartphone battery. Foldable phones are also more durable and flexible than most other smartphones. When folded, the screen is hidden away and much better protected when dropped. As mentioned, the only downside really is the price.

Final note

Foldable smartphones are still a relatively new concept, and there’s definitely a market for them. With each new generation that’s released, foldable phones continue to improve. They are becoming more durable, more powerful, and more reliable.

If you’re thinking about getting a brand-new foldable smartphone, you may want to consider whether it will be a practical choice or not for you before forking out your hard-earned money. What may be advantageous to one person may not be so advantageous for you.

You could wait to see what new foldable smartphones arrive in 2023 and if the prices come down. They are undoubtedly quirky and remarkable devices that you will want to show off to your friends, and they are nice and light to carry around, considering they are approximately twice the size of most other smartphones. It wasn’t a great year for sales in 2022, but people seem to be more optimistic about their potential success in 2023.