Are Hoverboards Dangerous for Children?

Are Hoverboards Dangerous for Children?

Hoverboard is one of the favorites of many teens and children. The craze started in 2015, and it became standard in 2016. From kids to adults, every individual at least tried it for once. Where everyone was busy trying this two-wheel exception, there were many injuries reported. Because they come with a reduced center of gravity, the hoverboards were not that successful in maintaining the person’s balance. You need to perform it on your own, which is not easy for all.  that immediate success was not proved to be too good for kids. Well, not all hoverboards are the same; some are made for beginners and kids. But it’s better to avoid such things that have higher injury chances for your kids.

Why Should You Not Buy a Hoverboard for Your Kid?

These self-balancing, electric, two-wheel scooters are good to ride and stand on. But, the low center of gravity causes the person on the hoverboard to face injury. The injuries can be severe to mild depending on the age and the situation. These hoverboards are not suitable for everyone. Hence we are here with some reasons you should not buy a hoverboard for your child:

1. Fire Incidents

The studies have shown that there are various hoverboards that on charging cause fire incidents. According to CPSC, hoverboard incidents are common these days and can cause serious injuries. There are more than 40 hoverboard explosions reported in different states. The heating up and fire explosion is possible anytime while on charging. You are not safe even when supervising the reporter. The reason behind such explosions is not apparent yet, but it can be anything, including lithium-ion batteries or circuit boards.

2. Too expensive

It is too costly to buy when you have so many risks to ignore. Such a massive investment of about $500-$1000 with an injury chance is not a good deal. Not even the big brand names are sure about the faulty parts they receive complaints about.

3. Serious Injuries

Besides fire explosions, hoverboards are dangerous for your kids for several reasons. There are many other injuries and cases reported. Imagine your child inviting his or her friend for a ride on the hoverboard, and he meets with an accident, having severe brain or bone injury; what will you do? It is a life-threatening situation for any of us. We can’t take the risk for the life of our child or others.

Most common hoverboard injuries may include facial injuries, brain injuries, bone fractures, and muscle pains. The rate of such accidents is higher than that of explosions.

4. Not Good for Jumps

Kids don’t have fully developed decision-making skills, so they love what they see. But they don’t know about the negative factors. Therefore, the parent must guide them and stop them when they don’t know how to balance. Unlike traditional scooters, hoverboards are not suitable for jumps and tricks; especially, when it’s about children. They are made for smooth and flat surfaces. Not all kids can balance themselves on such boards.

5. Not a Replacement for Bicycle

People often confuse hoverboards with bicycles in terms of physical activity. They assume hoverboards play a role in making their children physically active and healthy. Hoverboards are electrical, and they don’t require any physical strength to power. Hence, they are not a replacement for a bicycle.

Factors You Should Consider While Buying a Hoverboard

We have mentioned why you should not buy a hoverboard for a kid, but if your kid still wants to buy it, there are few things to keep in mind while buying a mini hoverboard for kids.

  • Velocity

The speed these boards run is one of the riskiest factors. Kids can’t tolerate a high velocity without training and skills. If the hoverboard you are buying has a higher speed, the child will face trouble. The top speed of hoverboards these days is about 15mph, which is a big no for any child or beginner. A beginner board with a top speed of 5mph is what you should go for.

  • Tyre Grip

Not all hoverboards are made for young riders. Their tires are for smoother rides of simple, flat surfaces. Therefore, while buying a mini hoverboard for your child, make sure you purchase the one with an excellent tire grip.


Wrapping Up

Things like electric hoverboards that require self-balancing are not suitable for younger riders. Kids can’t manage higher speeds without any balance support. Therefore, hoverboards are dangerous for your kids. They can cause severe injuries or explosions, which makes them unsafe for kids. But you can go for some beginner or child-friendly options if your kid is a fan of such boards. Don’t forget to supervise the charging and riding as well.

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