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Audio Render Error | Youtube | Fixed | 2021

Audio Render ErrorAudio Render Error

I can feel the pain of getting the weird audio render error while browsing or watching your favorite video on your respective platform like youtube. As we are discussing this problem by taking youtube as a reference, but it isn’t as a whole only youtube’s problem.

It happens due to outdated drivers in the device. Old and Outdated versions of the browsers. Network or connectivity issues in the device.

This issue is mostly reported to us by Windows 10 users, where the weird thing is that this problem isn’t a single browser-specific or OS version-specific.

Suppose you are facing this problem and have come to our blog to fix this. Then catch up through the end of this post. I assure you that your problem will be fixed.

Causes for Audio Render Error:

Let’s sum up the overall causes that make this audio render error happen. They are:

  1. Outdated Browsers
  2. Old and Outdated drivers
  3. Network or location problem
  4. Operating system problem
  5. Cache and Cookie Issue

Solve Audio Render Error:

As always we will provide you guys with a few methods and solutions to solve the following problem. So stay tuned and follow every step to properly solve the problem. By the end of this article, You will surely get your problem fixed.

Note: This article is referenced for Windows 10 Users. So if you have any other os than this. then the process will be the same. Just follow till the end.

Solution 1: Reload the page.

If you are facing this issue it might be because of faulty cookies or caches of your browser. We can manage or delete them from our browser. Reloading the respective browser is always the best move to do for every problem you are facing in your browser.

Reloading a page might fix cache, cookies, or network connectivity issues.

You can reload your page by clicking on the reload button from the top left side of the browser. Or by clicking Ctrl + r or F5 on your keyboard.
If this still doesn’t help with your issue then try our other solutions to solve the problem now.

Solution 2: Restart or update your browser

Browsers are the special software for browsing pages and things on the internet. We can browse webpages and websites through browsers. Browsers handle all the load of your browsing. It may sometimes overload the browser you are using which may cause weird problems for you.
That’s why using an up to date and new browser is always recommended.

Solution 3: Update your device drivers.

This issue is mostly caused due to outdated drivers in your device. So updating the drivers will fix the issue in most cases.

Using pre-made software for updating your drivers is the best move rather than doing manually.

There are many driver updater software available in the market

Not gonna mention them cuz you can get them by a single google search.

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Solution 4: Disconnect and reconnect your audio device

A temporary fix to this problem is disconnecting and reconnecting your audio device. Yeah, it’s that easy as it sounds.

Like if you are using Bluetooth speakers or headphones then reconnecting them through Bluetooth and whereas in the case of the jacked device. pluginng and unplugging the headphone jack may fix this problem.

This solution is tested and confirmed by many of our users. Yeah and this also applies restarting your computer for a  permanent fix too.

Furthermore, Connecting more than 1 or multiple audio devices in the respective may also trigger this error.

If that’s the case then remove or disconnect the alternative or second audio device and make the single audio device the only default audio form for the machine. Again, check if the error still persists or not.

If this still doesn’t solve the issue, continue below for more solutions.

Solution 5: Do the Audio Troubleshooter

If all the above mentioned didn’t work for you then follow this solution to do the audio troubleshooting on your device.

Steps to do audio troubleshooting on your windows 10 device:

  1. Press the Start icon and Navigate to settings folder from there

    Audio Render Error
    Audio Render Error

  2. After clicking on the settings page. A setting window will open on your pc. Go to Update & security in the setting page.

    audio render error
    Audio Render Error

  3. After the update & security options are opened. choose troubleshoot from the left side panel.
    audio render error
  4. After clicking troubleshoot and opening the troubleshoot window. Click on playing audio and then run the troubleshooter.

    audio render error
    Audio Render Error

  5. Finally, wait for the process to finish completely.

After the troubleshooting progress is finished. Please properly reboot your computer to see the changes.

In this way, you can troubleshoot the audio problem in your device. this solution has been worthy for many users to fix their problems. Hope this fixed your issue too. Still not? then don’t worry we have more solutions below to fix this problem for almost everyone.

Solution 6: Fixing your audio device from the device manager

If all the above mentioned solutions didn’t work for you. Don’t worry, this solution is the most rated working solution for the respective issue.

We can update, reset or rollback our audio device from the PC’s default device manager. To properly do the following, apply all the mentioned steps properly.

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Updating/ Resetting and Rollbacking are the different tasks and steps that we are going to do from the device manager window. For some users, one has worked while as for some users the other one. So, you can try them one by one to see which one works for your property.

Open the Device Manager

  1. From the windows search bar type device manager

    audio render error
    Audio Render Error

  2. In the device manager window, click and expand the ‘Audio Inputs and Outputs’
  3. In the audio inputs and outputs windows, select your audio device
  4. Right-click your audio device

Resetting the driver

After doing the right-click, click on disable the device. After few seconds, right-click again and select enable device.

Rollback your driver

Click on properties in the option which will appear by right-clicking the audio device. on the Propertied tab, Head over to the driver tab from the top and you will see the rollback driver button there. Click on it and done.

Update your driver

Click on update from the option that appeared by right-clicking the audio device. Select ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ from the opened popup. and now finally wait for the process to finish.

If you have done every mentioned step properly then your problem should be fixed till now. If the problem still persists. Head over to the comments sections to get help from our expert team.