Autodialer Types and Features

If you work in any department that deals directly with customers, you’re probably used to picking up a phone, dialing a jumbled-up list of numbers, and crossing your fingers that you end up having the discussion you want. Auto dialers are utilized in various professional contexts, including but not limited to sales, healthcare, hospitality, contact centers, and even education. These contexts involve a significant amount of time engaging in recurring phone conversations.

The usage of software such as an autodialer serves to relieve users of the requirement that they manually dial every phone number they need to contact, which is time that could be better spent doing something else. In this way, they will be able to concentrate more fully on the content of their message and the effective delivery of it.

Users of an autodialer need a computer, a voice modem, and a working telephone connection to reap the software’s full benefits. However, depending on the tool you choose to put into action, there are also possibilities for auto-dialers hosted on the cloud.

Auto dialers offer capabilities that boost a caller’s likelihood of reaching a human rather than voice mail. Some auto-dialers will even dial new numbers when they think an agent will be available based on call analytics. Despite the widespread negative perception, auto-dialers are a helpful tool in many different fields, including commerce, healthcare, hospitality, and even emergencies. Computers or PBX systems that use SIP trunks are both viable options for the operation of VoIP auto dialers.

Types of Autodialers

Preview dialers

Users of a preview dialer can choose to make an outbound call or skip the call altogether. An alternative would be a dialer that dials the following number on the list without providing the user with any options to choose from and automatically contacts that number. Preview dialers are utilized in circumstances where the user wants to preview some information concerning the receiver before beginning the auto-dialing process. This makes it possible to personalize and prepare for client interactions more thoroughly, whether the encounter is a discovery call or a follow-up message.

These dialers are an excellent choice for discussions that are going to demand specific consumer information from each party involved. A preview dialer is your best pick if running your outbound dialing strategy on a smaller scale. It requires you to handle complex customer circumstances. It places more of an emphasis on quality than quantity.


Progressive dialers

Progressive dialers, also known as power dialers, are distinct from preview dialers in that they do not provide the option for the user to select whether or not the subsequent call should be made. Instead, the dialer initiates the next call as soon as the current one is finished, with no pause in between. In comparison to the preview dialers, they place a slightly more emphasis on the input quantity. A power dialer is a solution worth considering if your goal is to engage with as many consumers as quickly as possible, one after the other.


Predictive dialers

A predictive dialer brings efficiency to an entirely new level by calling several phone numbers simultaneously. However, you shouldn’t worry about it because you won’t be expected to speak with more than one customer at a time. Instead, predictive dialers will utilize a pacing algorithm to decide when the user will be finished with their current call. Once this time threshold has been reached, the predictive dialer will place the next call before the user has completed the entire sales call script.

It is feasible to contact as many individuals on the other end of the line as possible using predictive dialers, the most time- and resource-effective method. But, on the other hand, if you want to have more in-depth talks with your clients that call for a little study in advance, this platform is probably not the best fit for your company.


Voice Broadcasting

A message that is produced in advance and then sent to voicemails or individuals depending on destinations that have also been pre-set is called a broadcast. If a connection cannot be made, most phone systems will try again later by rearranging their schedules to accommodate an alternative plan.


Characteristics of A Good and Helpful Autodialer

Auto dialers are packed to the brim with capabilities that will assist you in having meaningful discussions with as many customers as is humanly conceivable. However, if you want the best possible experience with a particular product, you should ensure it has the attributes listed below before buying it.


Number (unproductive and productive) number detection

The technology behind auto-dialers may determine whether a phone number on your list should be sent to an answering machine, voicemail, or just a busy line when it determines that contacting the number would be a waste of time. The detection of unproductive numbers is a significant time-saver. Of course, you do not need to delete the number from your contact list completely; nevertheless, by doing so, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that it would be more productive for you to call someone else in the meanwhile.



There will be many people requesting to be added to your do not call or DNC list. You are obligated to honor their requests because your company values the quality of the relationships it maintains. The good news is that auto dialers can sift your lists so that those who are on your DNC list will not be reached from that point forward.



Auto dialers have the additional capability of managing your list of contacts, including the option to segment it. If you are working with a system hosted in the cloud, you will have the ability to import client contact details from other databases. Auto dialers can take care of this for you, which is vital for efficiency because it is essential to have the most up-to-date means to reach a consumer.


Call transfer options

Due to the current dispersion of the workforce, it is possible that you will not have access to your work phone. Or perhaps it is your responsibility to ascertain a customer’s suitability before engaging in further discussion with another employee of your company. Auto dialers can assist you in transferring a call to a different device or person if you require this service.


Call monitoring

Have you ever called a company and been greeted by a voice that sounded like a robot, telling you that your conversation with them is being documented or monitored for quality control? This function, known as call monitoring, can be of great assistance in maximizing the effectiveness of your outbound calling activities.

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