Avast Not Working on Windows 10 [ COMPLETE FIX GUIDE ]

You are having trouble with your antivirus program avast! It is continually refusing to load, no matter what you do. There’s only one way to make this go away, and that’s by getting rid of avast antivirus from your PC. But how to fix avast antivirus not opening on windows 10?

To begin with, you should look at the avast antivirus settings that have been set up on your PC.

  • Right click on the avast icon which is located on the desktop
  • Select “manage”.
  • Here you will find a box which says “AVAST Settings”, click on it.
  • In the “settings” section, click on “ava”…
  • then tap on “OK”.

It’s possible that this avast antivirus problem is related to avast anti spyware as well. So if the problem is avast spyware related, then this is what you need to fix. Open avast antispyware. Navigate to the folder where your avast virus is located, and delete the avast virus. Follow the instructions on the screen.

What is causing this issue

However, if you want to know how to fix this problem, you first need to understand what the avast antivirus files are, and what causes them to become corrupt. The problem that causes the avast software to not run properly is the way in which some files become damaged. There are a lot of ways in which this problem can occur, but the most common is when they become corrupt whilst being used by avast. If you can find these corrupted files, then you can restore them, and your problem should be fixed.

Ways to prevent this issue

The first way by which you can fix avast is not opening in windows 10 error is when it tries to load up “startup settings”. This error happens normally when you first turn your PC on, and is down to the way in which avast decides which programs on your system it is going to load up first. It does this by checking to see which software suites have been loaded up, and which have not. Although the avast virus itself won’t do anything to cause this, it does check to see if you’ve got any “blocked” settings or options, and will then load them up in the order that they are listed. Unfortunately, many “blocked” start-up settings can be “thrown out” while you’re using a program…

This problem is one of the main reasons why so many people have difficulties with avast antivirus on Windows. The problem is that it’s continually trying to load up the most recent settings, and ends up forcing Windows to try and load them from an outdated part of your system. Because this problem has been there for a long time, however, most people don’t realize that it’s actually possible to fix the avast virus – even if they’ve done it before. The good news is that because this avast antivirus infection is continually causing so many problems for so many people, there is actually a very simple & easy way to fix it…

Software to fix this issue

To fix this problem on Windows, you just need to download a piece of software called “AVAST Registry Cleaner” onto your computer, and then use this cleaner to fix all the damaged & corrupted settings that are inside your PC. This anti-malware tool has been designed by professional developers who have made it highly effective at cleaning out all the problems that your system might have inside. The way that this works is that it will scan through all the different files and settings that your computer has, and then fix any of the ones that it finds to be damaged. It’s a very simple set of steps, which means that even if you’ve not done this type of thing before, you should be able to get rid of avast antivirus in no time. This software can be used by both new and older versions of Windows, although it’s recommended that you use it on Windows 10.

At last

You should not have any problems with this tool, and it will remove all the errors that your PC might have inside. After this, you should then restart your computer and then let it clean out any of the infected settings again. This is how to fix avast antivirus not opening on windows 10, and after the process is complete, your computer should run like a brand new machine.


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