Awesome Tech Gifts for Bike Riders

Folding Bikes

You would be amazed to see how many practical gadgets, incredible equipment, and mind-blowing tech devices there are for bikes. These are just some of the most awesome ones you can check out when looking for a perfect gift for passionate bike riders.

Monkey Lights

First on the list are monkey lights. These LED-based bike lights are easily attachable to the wheel of the bike and can display 8-bit graphics while you move the wheel. There are 42 built-in themes you can choose from and the lights have a 360 degree visibility range.

Garmin Vector

The Garmin Vector is another useful gadget for all of those passionate bikers. It is a pedal-mounted power meter system that is easily installed and portable. Its purpose is to record cadence a numerous other metrics such as kilojoules, power zones, and average power. It is also able to read power for the pedals alone and that is how a biker can isolate the power output for each leg.

Scosche boom BOTTLE

If your biker friend needs some good music while biking around, then this device is perfect for them. This wireless Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a built-in microphone as well is made for the outdoor activities specifically. It is easily portable since it fits in a bicycle water bottle cage and it is completely water proof. It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and can be used for 10 hours without charging.

There are also tons of different colours so you can choose between pink, grey, blue, yellow and green.

Bike Tail Light with Wireless Turn Signals

A gadget that absolutely every biker should have is a bike tail light with wireless turn signals. This useful little device allows you to signal to other vehicles on the road when you want to take a right or left turn. It is controlled with a wireless remote control and can easily be installed on the bike’s rod. The lights are USB rechargeable and easy to install. They shine very brightly and are easy to spot.

Garmin Edge 1030

Garmin Edge is a bike navigator which will help a biker find the best bike route they can take during their cycling trip. This GPS navigator is provided with navigation alerts, performance tracking, rider to rider messaging, and it can also set personal challenges and goals.

USB Rechargeable Bike Light

Another gadget for lighting is this USB rechargeable bike light that definitely comes in handy for all of those who like to bike in the evening or night. It is easy to install on the bike’s rod and the light has an exceptionally long run time.

The front light is provided with a small red tail light for free so that you can enjoy a hazard-free bike ride. 

ANGi Crash Sensor

This device will be able to protect you before, during and after a crash accident occurs. These sensors are connected with your smart phone and the device alters your contact in case a crash accident happens. It gets attached to the bike helmet and is able to detect any potential harmful impacts and report them.

Electric Bike Conversion Kit

You can easily convert any bike into a motor-operated electric bike with this easy to use electric bike conversion kit. This kit is compatible with mountain bikes, fat bikes, road bikes or any other bikes you want to use. It is provided with mid-drive motor, thumb throttle, LCD display, brake lever or brake sensor, locknut, headlight, speed sensor, and so on. Basically, all you need is there.

Suunto Ambi 3

A smart GPS watch has been made for cyclists and all of the adventurers and explorers. It offers a heart rate monitor, smartphone connectivity as well as a set of useful weather functions. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can run for a long time and is completely water resistant.

Lumos Kickstart Smart Bike Helmet

If you prefer to have your lights on the helmet, then Lumos Kickstart smart bike helmet is the best gift option. It is a helmet with installed bright LED lights that has amazing smart phone connectivity, light customising features, and great battery life.

On top of that, it is designed with EPS foam core that is meant to protect your head from any bigger impact during an accident. You can easily activate rear and front turn signals by using a remote control or you can use hand gestures via Apple Watch.

Beryl Laserlight Front Light

Beryl laser light is a very cool bike light that has been designed to project a bike symbol in a green light I front of you. It helps you see where you’re going when you’re biking in the dark.

This bright LED light comes with 3 laser modes that are quick to catch other vehicle drivers’ attention. It is USB rechargeable and it can easily be installed on the bike.


If you are looking for an all-in-one smart device for your bike, SmartHalo is the perfect gadget. It has GPS navigation, fitness tracking, anti-theft alarm, speedometer, odometer, and voice assistant.

What else could you possibly want from a smart device for your bike?

Folding bike

If you are a passionate biker but unfortunately don’t have enough space where you can store your bike away, then it’s time for you to take a look at some of the most versatile models of folding bikes. These bikes are so practical and are easy to fold and unfold at any given moment. They are easy to use and they are great for those who live in small studio apartments or simply don’t have any space left in the house or the garage to store a whole bicycle.

Alpen Bike Capsule

Lastly, this fun looking capsule is an innovative device that can offer a minimal yet beautiful solution for storing away your bike and all of its accessories. It is made from protective and durable materials and has enough space for your bike and equipment.


In conclusion, if you have a friend who is a passionate biker or you yourself enjoy some cycling from time to time, these are some of the most fun and useful gadgets and devices you should check out.