Be the best with your Pro Audio, ASMR gear!

Be the best with your Pro Audio, ASMR gear

From how can I make ASMR content to is listening to ASMR a sin, you will find mind-blowing questions arising in people’s mind. Some of them are hilarious, whereas others can be helpful for everyone who wants to get into ASMR content creation – or if you are just curious to know how ASMR works and plays with a human mind CHECK THIS OUT.

Thanks to the advanced technology and the accessibility, there are no limitations to exceptional audio for everyone out there. Being the hottest trend on social media, especially Youtube, ASMR equipment is what most of the people are interested in, but not able to find reliable bits.

Breaking the ice here, we have got you covered with only the information you need to know about ASMR microphones, what we also call pro audio – no stories.

The quality of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) content solely depends on the equipment you are using, the right equipment besides other factors like the source and the environment.

ASMR gear!

So, this works in a way, you can get the most out of even the cheapest ASMR gear and there are chances that you will not be able to get a good sound with the most expensive ASMR equipment. You have heard it right!

Considering the most asked questions, we are covering all the hottest information in this article.

Possibilities to the camera!

Well, when it comes to recording, you can use your phone’s camera but that will give you nothing more than an average video -nothing special in it. To pair the audio with visual, it is important to go for the quality. ASMR is all about touching one’s senses to the core. To match the quality sound with a visual it must be high-end to give the best output to the viewers that trigger their senses.

Thanks to the time we live in, modern system cameras are the best bang for the price offering everything you need to create professional ASMR content.

Invest in the best ASMR microphone!

ASMR is the game of sound and to achieve the best sound, you cannot turn your back at the best available microphones for recordings.

A condenser mic is an answer to all your ASMR microphone recordings!

It is because a condenser mic comes with higher sensitivity and lower self-noise as compared to other alternatives that are available in the market.

Microphone sensitivity

ASMR is all about capturing as many subtle details as possible while recording sound. One that must not be overlooked while making a purchase for a professional ASMR microphone is sensitivity. The sensitivity of a mic is measured in dBV/Pa. Closer the number to zero, higher the sensitivity of the mic will be.

ESP LTD EC 1000 Clean sound demo

Just a peak on the box, checking what dBV/Pa a microphone is offering you can get the best product.


Being the most crucial thing while selecting an ASMR microphone, self-noise must be self inherent in a mic. Every microphone is different from another on the basis of an electronic circuit.

The self-noise is generally specified in dB (A), which calls for a sound recorded and played at the same level to avoid self-noise of the mic. For instance, if your mic comes with 7 dB (A), you must play a sound with a 7 dB (A) for it to be clear of any noise from the mic.

To make sure the mic you are getting is efficient enough to record ASMR audio, look for the measurement. Lower the self-noise value of a microphone, better it is capable of recording quiet sources.

If you are equipped with the right ASMR gear there is nothing that can stop you from creating high-end content, besides the right setup and the source.

The setup!

Keeping into consideration the sensitivity of a mic, the right room or environment is crucial for accuracy and clarity. If you do not have access to a quiet and efficient space for ASMR recordings, a few modifications in your own room can get you through smooth recording without any distractions and interruptions.

While setting up a setup in your room make sure not to overlook these factors that can directly affect your recordings.

  • Background noise: noises in the background, which you may do not notice on a regular day are clearly picked up by a condenser microphone or ASMR mics. For instance, you need to shut off the washing machine in the basement or computer fan, air conditioner. There are some noises that cannot be controlled such as noises coming from the street. The best that can be done is to choose the right time when it is the quietest inside or outside.
  • Room reflections: reflective spaces in the room where you are recording your audio can be problematic. For instance, comb filtering and flutter echo are the phenomena that need to be taken care of. Empty spaces or two reflective walls facing each other can cause echo. You need to know, absorbers are your best friend if you are recording ASMR sound as they help in reducing echo.
  • Placement of the mic: as every minute sound detail is captured by condenser mics, which means that the placement of the mic in a room significantly affects the consistency in the sound.

If you are a beginner, “trial and error” is what will get you through the initial stages of ASMR recording. Do not lose hope if the sound is not right the first or the tenth time as experimentation is what will help you in understanding what works best for you.

The right resource!

Besides the technical bits, the place you are getting your equipment from plays a vital role in determining the quality and authenticity of the gear. A trusted source like XYZ that offer not only the best product but also give freedom to the customers to make comparisons and read customers reviews. Having an adequate understanding of what you are getting into make your buying process as easy as anything.

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