Beginner’s Guide To Learn Web Designing At Home

Beginner's Guide To Learn Web Designing At Home

Web designing is considered tough and challenging by most individuals. These assumptions arise from the fact that web development requires advanced knowledge of programming. There is another speculation that you need to have inborn creativity rather than vocational training to succeed in this field. Be it any new subject or skill, learning it from scratch can be a difficult task.

Although learning web design by Digital Engage can seem intimidating at first. But with today’s advanced technology and high-speed internet, you can complete any complicated course with ease. Learning web designing is trending among young learners and the people who’re working in the marketing industry. Because of its high demand, the internet is full of e-learning options for web designing.

In this article, we will guide you on how to learn basic web designing at home.

What Is Web Designing?

Web design refers to the planning and execution of websites that you see all over the internet. It mainly focuses on the visual experience and accessibility of a website rather than developing software and coding. A shift from desktop browsers to innovative technology has opened up newer aspects and possibilities in web designing.

A web designer manages the appearance of a website, including its format, blueprint, and contents. Web designers plan the theme, graphics, font and merge them to create a structured website. A web design should make the website user-friendly, eye catchy, and in line with the company that owns it. Web designers aim at bridging the gap between a web page and its users by organizing its contents smartly.

Basic Steps To Learn Web Designing At Home

  • Learn the basic principles of visual design. You need not go into the depth of the subject; a basic understanding of graphics will suffice.
  • Get a better understanding of layout and composition, which is crucial to the knowledge of web designing. It will help you organize the content of the website and promote easy navigation.
  • Study the basic concepts of coloring and its primary principles to create graphics properly.
  • Master the art of interaction design to make your web layout user-friendly and easy to access.
  • Learn about prototyping UI tools, Mock-up tools, and wireframes to design responsive and pixel-perfect websites.
  • Study the primary coding languages such as HTML or CSS and learn about front-end content editing software to understand web development better.
  • Understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles to track the website’s traffic and estimate its efficiency.

E-Books For Learning Web Designing At Home

The five critical elements of web designing are layout, color, font, graphics, and content. You will get detailed information about web designing in the following e-books.

  • HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites: The book introduces CSS and HTML in an easy format to make them accessible to any new learner. Its colorized content and information graphics help you progress through the technical topics effortlessly.
  • Designing with Web Standard: This book throws light on effectively using web standards for creating a well-structured and intuitive website. The book highlights the advantages of complying with the web standards in web designing.
  • Learning how to make web pages functional: It is a thoroughly revised edition that teaches you to create websites by following modern design applications and expert standards. The book also has multi-column CSS blueprints with appropriate graphic files to help you understand how web pages work.

Online Courses For Learning Web Designing At Home

  • Treehouse: The course includes the introduction to an illustrator’s core objectives. It trains you to execute simple web designs with wireframes as the foundation and create mock-ups for desktops or mobile platforms. Some programs cover a comprehensive plan for learning core web-designing technologies like HTML, CSS, JS, Python, and JHP.
  • Udemy: This online Platform offers Web design courses that will update you on the latest applications and trends of web designing. Be it UX design or Photoshop, Udemy has learning programs to make the best of a Webpage’s front end.
  • Lynda: Here, you will get various materials for both new and advanced learners. The core programs focus on teaching you how to customize a website according to your envisioned layout. At Lynda, you can get a personalized course exclusively structured to suit your specific needs.

Use Your Free Time To Learn Web Design

This guide will help you to learn basic web designing at home through various online courses. You can also follow blogs like Smashing Magazine, web design ledger, and mock-plus. They provide helpful information and tips for web designing. With such advanced learning tools at hand, it is never too late to begin learning something new.

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