Benefits of Sending Push Notifications to Increase Page Views

Push Notifications

 As we become more connected with the digital world, it’s more likely than not that we can find online platforms and applications incorporating the use of push notifications. Research has shown that about 90% of Android users and 40% of Apple users receive and engage with notifications from their apps and programs. This leads to increased audience retention and conversions.

Push notifications serve mainly as an indicator on mobile devices to convey a change in status or availability for a service. However, it’s becoming more common to find even desktop applications, programs, and even websites that incorporate this function within their design. With just a bit of coding, digital media brands can engage and connect with their audience on a much more consistent basis.

However, push notifications need to be implemented with proper care and planning. There are definitely some negative aspects, such as annoying or ill-timed notifications that can put your audience off from your platform. Still, when utilized correctly, push notifications can build upon the level of website personalization on your platform, allowing you to engage and connect with your growing community at a much deeper level.

Here are some tangible benefits to sending push notifications to increase page views and improve your web engagement.

Grows your Audience and Improves Retention

On the Internet, retention is one of the best signs of how well your website is doing. It’s not just a metric that dictates how many of your visitors return to your website – it’s an indicator of engagement and overall satisfaction with the services being offered. As a result, maintaining a high level of retention is usually a major goal for any digital media brand.

To help retention rates along, you might consider incorporating the use of push notifications to indicate to your audience when you have interesting or relevant updates suited to their preferences. Whether it is a notification for an interesting article in their preferred genre, or an indicator that someone has responded to their last comment, push notifications can remind your audience of your platform and offerings, giving you more opportunities to have them visit and engage with your content.

Conveniently Reach Your Audience On the Go

While push notifications aren’t restricted to mobile devices and formats, it’s true that a significant number of a digital media brand’s users and audience members will engage with their platform and content on the go. Our society’s shift towards multi-tasking and consuming content on the fly from wherever they need to is a key reason why push notifications work so well.

Being able to reach your users at opportune times throughout their day means that you’re increasing the number of interactions they have with your brand and makes it more likely that they will convert and become paid subscribers.

Opportunities to Monetize Impressions

Using notifications extends past the ability to drive engagement with your audience – they can be a valuable source of additional income for your brand due to the added advertising potential they hold.

When your audience responds to push notifications and opens the application or website, it’s a guaranteed impression that’s very valuable to advertisers looking to promote their offers. Setting up your push notifications to contain appropriate ads not only has the potential to provide additional engagement through relevant content connections, but also serves as space where you can accommodate your advertising partners.

However, it’s important to make sure that your brand’s content and the ad content are highly relevant, or else their value drops drastically. The good news is that for ads that are relevant, users are much more likely to respond positively and have a favorable impression of your brand.

Provide Personalized Content Notifications

When your platform makes use of push notifications, you’re able to connect with all of your audience members effectively no matter the scale or size of your audience base. They also make it easy to provide customized, data-driven recommendations for further content engagement based on their previous interactions with your platform.

This means that you’re capitalizing on the benefit of reaching your audience on their terms, whenever and wherever they wish to access your content. This allows your brand to engage with its audience members on the fly, which makes a huge impact on overall audience impressions. Being able to receive interesting and eye-catching content notifications means that you’re much more likely to form a positive impression with them over the long term.

Types of Notifications & How They Can Help

With how push notifications can benefit your company, there are a number of different types you can use depending on the type of community you run and whether your services are free or premium.

  1. These are great ways to bring your users back after a period of idleness and to notify them of time-sensitive content or opportunities.
  2. If another user comments on a post made on the community or more news that the user has shown interest in appears, alert notifications are perfect. They’re typically found on social media sites, but can often be integrated into your own platform with relevant software solutions.
  3. These are the types of notifications that are sent when a user wants to know about a regular event, like the weekly football game on Sundays. They work much like subscriptions but can also be turned off like other notifications as well.
  4. If your community covers topics about events across the country, a geolocation notification can be used to let your users know what events are happening nearby. Commonly, these are used for travel and event sites to increase value and provide local and location-specific information for their users.
  5. Catch-up. These are the types of notifications you use to rebuild audience engagement. Combined with user data and interests, your platform can attract existing users back within the fold by providing an enticing rundown of recent news and events they may have missed.


Push notifications are a great way to build upon the tenets of the digital customer experience through regular, personalized points of contact that you can automatically initiate through your app or platform. With the right approach, you can use them to drastically improve your levels of audience engagement and customer retention.

Md Jahangir
the authorMd Jahangir