Best Apps On The Market For Productivity Whilst Working From Home

Working from home has been a trend in the past that has only been a luxury for company directors and executives who get to choose their own working days. However, in March 2020, many if not all of us office workers have been affected by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 and therefore been forced to work from home to combat the spread of the virus. Whilst working from home, many of us have reported that the temptation to get distracted is much higher than whilst in the office so below are the best apps to keep productive whilst working from home.


Due to the limited socialisation with your colleagues and clients whilst working from home, Slack has provided one of the best ways to stay in touch with others. Long gone are the days of sending lengthy formal e-mails which can be very time consuming and a waste of employees’ time and so Slack has become the instant messaging service that businesses have been using to stay in contact with each other and has been endorsed by big companies like Gymshark. Other ways in which we have seen many staying in contact during this period has been on these Maximum Casinos and socialising via their live casinos and live chat. Not only that, but these no verification casinos have been benefitting as the ease of access and speed to get straight down to the gameplay has been their unique selling point. 

One of the best all-round application that has been one of the winners of the pandemic has been Microsoft Teams which has been the best application for all teams to be able to work from. The best thing about Teams is that it offers a video-calling ability for you to stay in contact with your team members which saves you from downloading a third-party application like Zoom. Not only that, but Teams comes with the whole Microsoft package which includes Word, Excel and Outlook which is of course an attractive deal.

And finally, many of us are now finding that we have more tasks to complete when working from home, and so using an application to keep on track of your to do list. The industry leading Todolist which has been the tried and tested application of the last decade for tracking your to do list and completing your everyday. Todolist will enable you to have complete control over your tasks and will make it easier to track your progress and ensured you don’t get bogged down in your workload. 

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