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Some of the Best Budget Friendly TV to Buy

Budget Friendly TV to BuyBudget Friendly TV to Buy

Have you been trying to save up for a brand new TV? To help choose the most appropriate one faster and better and navigate through the dozens of identical models from reputed brands, we have enlisted some of our favorites. We have also mentioned the best budget smart TV to the best set you can purchase if money is not an issue —and some more excellent choices in between.

We also believe you should invest in a good soundbar and TV streaming stick. TVs these days come with great displays, but they are often not so good with sound and running applications. This article will serve as a buying guide for you.

The Cheapest OLED TV: Vizio OLED 55-Inch TV

Vizio’s first OLED TV is also the cheapest one you have seen so far. You are bound to fall in love with the bright highlights and perfect contrast. What’s even better – a recent update has made the TV compatible with PlayStation 5 at 120 frames/second in 4K and Xbox Series X. If you want the best possible picture within a budget, and are willing to spend more than you would for the TCL 6-Series, check this TV out.

Best TV : TCL 5 Series (50-inch, 2020)

TCL’s collaboration with Roku is the prime reason behind the TV’s popularity. The 6-Series comes with the maximum perks, but 2020’s 5-Series 4K TV with HDR happens to be the most recommended entry-level TV. Unlike its previous model, the 5-Series has a full array of local dimming, which means it comes with a deeper contrast than several other TVs. 

It is usable for gaming and appears to be better than the HD set you may be having at the moment. It has Roku built-in, which means that the remote is easy to use and streams right out of the box. We recommend getting the 50-inch model as it is the best bang for your buck, but TCL sells other sizes as well.

Ideal for Gamers (PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X): The LG CX OLED

If you want to see the best picture possible, you must buy an OLED TV. LG is the only TV brand that manufactures them. In case you were not aware, Sony and other brands purchase OLED displays from LG. LG OLED TVs stand ahead of the competition for a reason: They light up pixel by pixel. 

They do not come with a backlight, so when you see black areas of the screen, they are pitch black. This indicates excellent contrast, which is ideal for darker scenes in The Mandolorian. LG’s WebOS interface may not be the best, but the image quality and the LG TV price trumps the qualms we have.

You will especially love the 2020 CX OLED TV because it has Nvidia G-Sync. This means that it will work flawlessly as a gaming monitor. It is among the few TVs that can do 4K at 120 Hz. This indicates noticeably seamless gameplay on Xbox Series X and PS5. To further lower the LG TV Price, keep a lookout for the offers available online.

The Best Budget Smart LED TV With Best Picture Quality

The LG 49-inch 4K 49UM7300PUA TV boasts a 4K resolution. It supports HDR10 and has support for both Google Assistant and Alexa.

Voice assistants come in handy and with the LG 4K 49UM7300PUA TV, you also get to choose between Google Assistant and Alexa. This LG LED TV is 49 inches in size, however, if you stretch your budget, you can afford to bring home a 55-inch LG LED TV or a 65-inch variation, too. For a TV of an even lower price, you can opt for a 43-inch TV model.

Like other LG TVs, this mode supports apps like Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services. Perhaps what is more exciting is the fact that it comes built-in with Google Assistant and Alexa, so you can use voice command to change channels and control volume and other connected devices. All you need to do is pick the voice assistant you prefer.

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On the back of the TV, you will come across several ports, including three HDMI and two USB ports. The TV supports HDR10 and has a resolution of 4K. This indicates that the picture quality is amazing and worth the LG TV price it is sold at. For starters, the setup can be slightly tricky, but besides that, the 4-star rating speaks for the TV itself.

A Pro TV-Buying Tip

If a TV is not made by LG, TCL, Vizio, Samsung, Sony, or even Hisense, ensure that you do your research thoroughly. Those are the top TV manufacturers right now. A low price LED TV set may look enticing, but avoid purchasing dirt-cheap models, which may initially seem like a great deal but may not offer great build or picture quality. 

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