Best Crypto News Sources 

The blockchain industry is constantly evolving, and every day some absolutely incredible story happens. All this news needs to be covered as expertly and honestly as possible. There are many problems with this: from low-quality content to the lack of fact-checking. In order not to get confused by the mass of portals and thoroughly understand the topic, pay attention to the selection of best cryptocurrency research sites.


The website’s purpose is to analyze crypto projects with a description of their features. Both types of projects, public and private, are constantly monitored and updated. This site will be a great option for investors to find a suitable project and invest in it. But the news here is a little different. On the main page, you will find the News tab. By clicking on it, you will see blocks with articles (mostly their topics were crypto projects).


If you are looking for daily updated information about cryptocurrency, then CoinLobster is a great option. It allows you to see not only standard information, but also rather uncommon:

  • live updated Trades
  • Liquidations also in live
  • Orderbook as a simple table, as well as a convenient chart with its depth
  • Combined DeFi Trades, also live updated
  • DeFi Whale Trades that are sized and updated every 24 hours
  • Market Overview

But if your goal is to get the latest information about cryptocurrency, then this site among the best crypto news sources is not the best option. From the news here you can find only a blog. Unfortunately, there are only 3 articles published almost two years ago. Therefore, the information is a little outdated, although it will be quite useful (especially for beginners).


The company appeared quite recently, in 2018, and is already quite essential for users interested in crypto. On the main page you will find pages divided into blocks that are available to any visitor. For example, you can see the Number of Active Addresses of cryptocurrencies in a convenient chart and even download it. The GlassNode Insights section contains the latest news in the crypto world. It tells not only about the latest events (meetings and AMA, for instance), but also about the preseason. And in the Metric Catalog section you can find literally all the information on cryptocurrency indicators.

News Articles In Glassnode

All articles are divided into two blocks: Insights and Research. Going into any article, you can immediately see that it was written by a professional. It is advisable to consider two at once, because they are updated in parallel, and both contain useful information. But note that there is also a paid subscription, which will allow you to access the vast array of crypto information.


The service provides tools for in-depth analysis of individual coins and tokens and the cryptocurrency market as a whole. In addition, information about various events (listings, token sales, etc.) and market news is collected here. The main page of Messari.io contains widgets with various ratings, events, schedule and watchlist. The platform has three levels of access: free, Messari Pro and Messari Enterprise subscriptions. 

Article Types By Tabs

Research tab

The Messari analytics team is working on its own database of articles, where various studies and reports are published. The main topics of Messari materials are: Web3, DeFi, infrastructure, macroeconomics and various evaluation materials. Some articles are only available with a subscription.

Intel tab

Inside information about upcoming important events is published here: updates, listings, token sales, NFT drops, etc. For the convenience of tracking, a calendar of events has been implemented, where users can set up notifications. The Intel section is only available with a Messari Enterprise.

Governor tab 

The Governor section contains data on voting in various decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). Events can be sorted by assets (or watchlists), status, categories, and importance. Here, users can monitor current and upcoming internal voting on various platforms, participate in discussions and vote. 

News tab

The News section publishes news from the largest English-language crypto media and official releases of projects. News can be sorted by  watchlists and categories.


Tradingview is a platform that attracts beginners with its simplicity, and professionals with great opportunities and a multitude of useful tools. On the first page there are news that are updated constantly. They provide information about currencies, stocks, futures, bonds. There are also ideas and publications of other traders. This is a great opportunity for beginners to understand the situation in the crypto market. The “Ideas” tab has a list of the most popular authors (you can subscribe to any of them) and the latest publications. You can learn a lot of useful things from successful colleagues: forecasts, analysis of the market situation, applied trading forecasts. Moreover, the trader himself can share his opinion with others. Other people’s posts can be liked, commented, or shared on social networks.


People who need to get the latest news about cryptocurrency can safely visit the best crypto news sources presented above. Detailed and understandable articles are published quite often. Visiting trusted best cryptocurrency research sites reduces the probability of getting caught by scammers and finding a newspaper duck, which gives you an advantage when making money on the crypt.

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