Online dating was once a taboo but over the past years, it has become common and less weird among people who are finding love. We can also see an increase in dating websites but the thing is not every site is for serious relationships.

So if you are really in search of a partner then you have come to the right place because I have chosen some of the best dating sites for you that you could use without being worried about your personal information getting leaked.

Is Online Dating Safe?

The answer is yes, but only if ‘you’ make it safe which means you should not trust a person so fast until or unless you know everything about him. Another important thing is never to disclose your personal information in front of someone until you make sure that person is right for you.

So, if you date online vigilantly it can be safe for you.BEST DATING SITES

Best Dating sites for serious relationships:

Some of the best dating sites are:

  • Match
  • OkCupid
  • Hinge


The top website on this list is If you want a serious relationship then this is the best website because of their decades of experience. This app has both a free and paid version. But the paid version of this site is much better than the free version. The quality of the users on this site is far better than any other free dating site.

Some differences between the paid and free version are below:

  • Chat option
  • Send messages
  • See who has viewed you

 Free Version

  • Profile creation
  • Send likes
  • View member profiles

Match also has some special features like Boost– which allows its users to be on top profiles, Likes– Through these feature users come to know who have liked them but this is a paid feature, and Match me– With this feature, you can be automatically on the top list of someone whom you like. But unfortunately, these all features are available on a paid version. You never get something so good free of cost!

PRICING: $19.99/month


Just like Match, OkCupid is also a reliable website and has a free and paid version. This site is a bit cheaper than This website has a lot of users so there are high chances for you to find your partner. This website is also a bit modern and if you like something catchy, fun, and modern then this website is for you.

PRICING: $9.95/month


The next dating website is Hinge. This website is like tinder and is their competitor but this is for more serious relationships and this is what makes it stand out. If you worry about quality dating and not just hooking up then his website is for you. They have a free and paid version both, also paid version is not expensive like Match because they are trying to make this website easily accessible for youth.

This site has a 4.5 rating on the App Store. So, if you want to find a life partner for you then this website is for you but if you just want to hook up and pass your time then this cannot be the good choice for you.

PRICING: $12.99/month


So, instead of drooling over the free services for online dating invest a bit if you want a serious relationship by having privacy and keeping your personal information to be leaked. All these are best dating sites, if you want a but cheap site with the good features you should choose OkCupid but if you can afford then no one can beat them because if their decades of experience.

Choose wisely before you start online dating. Happy dating!

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