Best Digital Tools for Modern College Students



Regardless if you are majoring in Nursing or plan to study English literature, the chances are high that you already implement a set of digital tools that help you proceed with your studies and control the vast amount of information that you must process. Nevertheless, taking time to learn about new solutions is often good to improve your workflow and learn how to do things easier. Starting with the various planning apps to the free ways of learning a foreign language, the reasons why modern college students turn to digital tools are obvious. Just remember that these tools must be flexible with good import and export options to fit your workflow.

Best Digital Tools Modern College Students Must Consider


Just use your phone’s camera and scan a book’s barcode to compose an automatic citation in MLA, APA, Chicago, or any other format depending on what you need for your college assignment. It takes only a minute and it is free! However, if you want to avoid plagiarism by implementing your quotes and citations correctly, it is much better to read the best essay writing service reviews and choose a professional online who can assist you with that. As for RefME, it is a great time-saver!


Even if you have never used this one before, give it a try to capture notes, create web clips, take pictures, use handwritten notes, audio files, and basically anything. It has a great alerts system that you must consider when you have a lot to do! Once again, it is free.

Oxford Dictionary

While it may not be the most popular digital tool out there, having the mobile version of the famous Oxford English dictionary is essential today! If writing essays is not your cup of tea, just install the dictionary and think about various words and check your spelling. Now if you want to proofread and edit things, you should read honest Grab My Essay reviews to see how additional proofreading by a human expert can make a difference. It is also a good way to make sure that you do not miss an important point in your grading rubric.

Dragon Dictation

It is hard to underestimate this great digital tool. Just talk into this app and it will keep your audio converted to text that can be sent by email or copied anywhere. A great tool for your lecture notes as well! It is also good because you will never lose an audio file as you can store the text in your mailbox. To make things even faster, consider the list of various Linux distro that modern students should use.

Office Lens

Although it is created by Microsoft, it is free and allows you to take quick pictures of documents, whiteboards, magazines, documents, and convert them into editable text that you can share. It can read images from various angles, which is great for college students that need to photograph something until it is gone.


This free app makes it possible to communicate with native speakers from all over the world. The purpose of this app is to let you learn a foreign language by helping another person learn yours. You can communicate via text, audio, or video streams. Most importantly, It feels like diving into another country’s culture and also a great way to make friends abroad!

Getting Your College Finances Addressed


While we all would rather focus on games and entertainment, you should not ignore focusing on your college finances by visiting the U.S. Department of Education page that offers various calculators for future college students. Likewise, it has information for the current learners who would like to focus on financial help and scholarships. Consider checking Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and learn how you can support yourself financially. It has comprehensive guides that will help you to focus on your education instead of feeling exhausted by your college debt!


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