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Best eyewear advancements- Varifocal lenses

Best eyewear advancements

Varifocal glasses are the best of the eyewear advancements

Have you ever found yourself in a dilemma to stick to your old bifocal and trifocals? Well, good old bifocals have been paving their way for years now, providing the best of two vision support. But how about having a pinch of advancement to the same that’s when the varifocal glasses come into the picture.

Varifocal glasses

After a certain age, one’s lens starts to lose its ability to see and focus leading to many eye-related problems. It is not just limited to that, in fact, one even experiences the loss of sight for near and far and that is when these bifocal glasses step in. These provide support to both the vision zones that are near and far. It can be very well seen that there is this rough division between both refractions. But one issue that pertains to the same is that this division makes it difficult for one to have eye movements along all the refractive zones. It creates a type of hindrance or disturbance in the smooth eye movement and that is exactly what makes it quite difficult.

But when it comes to varifocal lenses it completely changes, in fact, there is no division between all the three zones. The rough patch has been completely eliminated in the same making it a much more subtle and comfortable movement. There is no such disturbance or hindrance to the same.

That is exactly what makes varifocal the best option over bifocal glasses, but even though they are absolutely perfect, one might find it a bit difficult in adjusting to the same.

How to adjust with varifocal glasses?

People might find it quite difficult while adjusting to the same, but here are a few tips that one could actually try out.

  • One must make sure that they wear their glasses constantly without skipping over the days.
  • They should never go back or try out their old frames while using the new ones.
  • Instead of completely rotating the eyes to see in a particular direction one can tilt their head towards the same, this way you will be able to provide ample time for the brain and the eyes to adjust with the same.
  • One must remember that there is no better way than consistency, so make sure to wear the glasses regularly.

These are a few tips that would help you to adjust your brain and eyes to the varifocal changes. Even after trying out these tricks and discomfort still persists then one must consult an expert regarding the same.

Switching to reading glasses

Another important thing that one comes across after the 40s is that, as discussed, the lens starts to lose its elasticity making it extremely difficult to read and even focus and that is quite common.

You must have noticed many adults wear glasses only during reading, that is right when reading glasses are needed. These glasses have this magnifying effect making it easier for one to read and even regain focus on the same.

These reading glasses can be both prescriptive and non-prescriptive depending on the requirement of the person.

How will you know right on time?

By now, one must very well know that these issues are quite serious when it comes to dealing with the same. One should make sure to give regular visits to the expert, as in a regular eye-check.

There is no fixed time when it comes to eye checks, but the one who regularly consults a specialist should follow the instructions and meet as per them. Apart from that, it is usually recommended for that one above 20 to 39 to get their eyes tested once in 2-3 years to keep a regular check on the same.

For those above 40 to 59 years of age, make sure to get your eyes checked once every two years so that issues related to lens stiffness can be dealt with care and expertise beforehand.

After 60, one must make sure to get their eyes checked regularly every year without any delays. At this age, it becomes very much important for one to have a regular hold on their eye health. One cannot predict eye issues, so it is much better to maintain prevention, it is always better than cure.

So make sure to get your eye tested along with your body check-up the next time