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Best Gaming Mouse -The Ultimate Buying Guide

best gaming mouse for small hands

best gaming mouse for small hands

Getting the best gaming PC equipped up with some brilliant graphics and all the modern specs will definitely boost your gaming performance. Have you ever wondered what else you need to enhance accuracy and responsiveness in your gaming? If yes, then let’s dig a little deeper.

You need the best gaming mouse to give a sudden bump to your performance. Whether you are a casual gaming enthusiast or a pro-level eSports player, the right gaming mouse will let you differentiate clearly between defeat and victory in the fast-paced games –Apex Legends or Valorant.

The major concern of most of the gamers, probably yours, is how to choose that right gaming mouse. When Asus comes up with its mind-blowing ROG Chakram Core, the Logitech marks its debut with exceptional G series, and Razer astounds everyone with its recent model –Razer Viper Mini.

You can’t buy all of them at once. You have to choose one –the one that works well with you and your gaming PC. To solve your problem, we are here with an ultimate buying guide so that you can get one step closer to your purchase.

Things to Consider While Buying the Right Gaming Mouse:

  • Dots Per Inch –DPI

DPI refers to the pixel rate on the screen with which it’s moving per inch. Every mouse, including a regular and gaming, comes with its own DPI rating. The greater the DPI rating, the lesser you need to move the mouse for the cursor to travel the screen’s distance.

The size of your PC’s screen will decide the DPI value. The larger screen needs a mouse with a higher DPI, resulting in better mouse movements –hence the better gaming experience. If you want to feel the cursor’s exact motion and the best control, you have to choose DPI between 800 and 1000.

  • What to Choose –Wired or Wireless?

If we talk about a few years back, we would never have suggested you opt for a wireless mouse. That’s because, at that time, technology wasn’t efficient enough to cope with the responsiveness required for high-paced games and high octane.

Those days are gone! Now there’s a variety of both wired and wireless mice, both offering the same performance. Wireless mice are now equipped with a high response rate and efficiency to convince any hardcore gamer easily. The matter is of your choice.

If you want to spend some extra dollars, then the wireless mouse is good to go with.

  • The grip of Mouse –Claw or Palm?

If you want quick and precise movements during intense gaming sessions, the claw grip is made for you. It has a unique shape that allows you to position your hand like a claw. You can control it through your fingertips and stabilize it with your palm.

Moreover, the Claw-grip mouse is suitable for small hands too. If you are looking for the best gaming mouse for small hands, just go for it without thinking anymore.

For a comfortable and less pressurized experience, a palm grip is suitable. It allows you to put your entire hand on the mouse. You have to control it with the help of your fingertips and palm. You can achieve higher IPS (inches per second) with a palm grip. After considering your need, you have to decide between a palm and claw grip.

  • Lightening Really Matters!

To add a little more to the sizzling environment, the lightning of the mouse plays its role. Imagine how you get fire-up by the RGB backlighting of PC, mouse, and keyboard while you are on the edge of defeat or victory.

So make sure the mouse you are going to buy must have an RGB backlit interface. It can be a little expensive, but if you are a hardcore gamer, then it’s worth an investment

  • Type of Sensor

Again, the matter of personal preference is which type of sensor you’ll like to go for. Each gaming mouse comes with its own sensor, exhibiting some unique specs. Now, which sensor is suitable for you? We’ll recommend going for high-end sensors because they allow accurate and precise movements.

These sensors can easily tackle high speeds in high-pace games. And that’s what a dedicated gamer actually needs. Moreover, they are much more flexible to work on all types of surfaces.

  • Price

The more you invest, the better you get. That’s what we’ll end up saying when it comes to choosing the best gaming mouse. You can’t compare a standard $5 mouse with a luxurious gaming mouse with all the specs. Your gaming experience depends on the amount you are investing in.

Considering your budget and gaming requirements, you have to choose the best model for your every need. If you don’t want any compromise on your gaming experience, and the hefty price tag isn’t a problem for you, then don’t hesitate to invest in a gaming mouse.

The Bottom Line

No doubt, choosing the best gaming mouse is challenging when you have a bunch of renowned models in front of you. What to do in that situation? Simple, you have to keep your requirements and budget as a top priority and then look for the mouse that perfectly suits your needs.

After reading this detailed buying guide, you’ll end up choosing at least one right gaming mouse for your next gaming session. No more confusion! Just go for the one that’s attracting you the most.