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Best rated skateboards


Riding over a skateboards is a dream for teens, adults also ride over it but teens go crazy for this. It is an invention of 70,s previously in the past skateboards had some technical faults but over time advancement in technology, the braking system, speed management, and battery timing of these electric skateboards are getting better.


The high pricing of electric skateboarders is a bit uncomfortable for young skating lovers this causes a burden on their pockets. Here we will discuss good cheap longboards. So every skating lover can get his wish fulfilled according to their money needs. You can get your desired features in between $100 to $300.


Electric Longboard RazorX

It has amazing features which urge people to get it, this board runs over high speed up to 10 mph. its deck is made of maple wood with a 125-Watt Single Motor. These hoverboards are perfect to carry you everywhere with hits mart design. You can feel a sense of happiness by riding over this. You can ride over it and go to the street with its custom truck wheels abstain you from slipping.


  • Easy Carriage with lightweight
  • Easy to ride with stability
  • Sturdy making with Maplewood
  • Inexpensive Skateboard


  • It is a bit slow for the speed lovers


Electric SkateBoard H2S 28’ By Gizmo

The most distinguished feature of H2s 28 by Gizmo is its weight. These hoverboards are very light in weight you can them with you in college universities. Most of the time finding convenience at far distant places is a bit difficult. All you have to do is take these hoverboards in your bag and carry them in your classes or workplace. Its deck is made up of 7 layers of maple wood. It is a speedy one with Samsung Lithium Battery. It can go 40 minutes with one charge at 12 mph speed.


I am going to discuss its powerful hub motor that is strong enough to carry and support weight up to 222 Lbs. you can enjoy this cheap electric longboard that is 28 inches long and fixed with an affordable motor.


  • Lightweight, High Quality
  • Powerful Hub Motor
  • Samsung Lithium Battery & Safety
  • 7 layering of Maplewood Used For Deck
  • 12 Mph Top Speed
  • Perfectly Sealed Pannel
  • Remote Controllable


  • Some battery problems reported


SwagSkate By Swagtron NG3

It is the most amazing hoverboard with responsive sensors it can sense you when you are on it. Very intelligent feature of this. It runs with a speed of 9.3 mph. Polypropylene deck and polyurethane wheels are a perfect combination to deal with shocks stress and hurdles of the pavement. It balances your body with an 8.9-inch longboard on it.



  • Swagtron Best brand best production
  • Best cheap Skateboard For Kids
  • Kick Start, Kick Less Ride More
  • Top Speed of 9.3 Mph\
  • Polypropylene Deck
  • 8” Polyurethane Wheels
  • Highly Durable
  • Great Customer Care


  • Quite small in size


Mini Electric Skateboards By Boosted

Some people want small-size hoverboards usually they are for speed lovers teens. It boosts your skating experience with its amazing experiences. This board is small but can balance your body with its concave deep turns and twists. It has an amazing speed of 20 mph. it provides three speeding modes. You can climb them up with a 20 percent gradient. It swiftly climbs the steep.


  • Compact Packing and high features
  • Step Up To Steeps
  • The thrill of High Speed
  • Perfect Grip & Stability
  • More Speeding Modes More Fun
  • Easy To Carry


  • A Little Noisy Motor