Best Spotify Alternatives You Must Know About

Spotify Alternatives

Best Spotify Alternatives – Spotify has ruled over the hearts of millions of music lovers. Shooting overall, 190 million active users (about 80 million paid subscribers); the music app is ranking on top. However, it is not like Spotify is flawless; it has its highs and lows.

There is a myriad of alternatives to Spotify that allows music lovers to avail the benefits of their favorite tracks and experience a great sound quality. So, if you have gotten enough taste for this service, you can choose the right contender to satisfy your music pangs from the list below.

Best Spotify Alternatives for iOS 2021

Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music can allure you with its massive catalog of around 50 million songs. So, it is not hard to find your tastes; you will collide with the best fascinating tracks that you like to jam along to.

Another notifying feature of Apple Music that differentiates it from Spotify++ is its expert curation; you would love this. You are offered your favorite artist’s songs and their upcoming releases. Moreover, you and your friends can share their playlists. The app has plenty of tricks to engage you with the utmost experience.

Price: 3-month free trial then, $9.99/monthly individual or $14.99/monthly family plan (for up to six people)



Pandora is rapidly undertaking the music market with its 55.9 million active monthly users (and about 6.4 million subscribers). It is designed with a unique feature to get the pinnacle of exclusive songs of your favorite artist and genres. Even the app recommends the stations to tune that is of your taste.

Beyond music, it facilitates its folks to subscribe and listen to their favorite podcast at convenience. Even you can download your favorites for later streaming. If you are planning to shift at Pandora Radio, you can avail the offers of Pandora Premium for a better music experience.  Also tinder++ music app ipaios also one of the best alternative.

Price: free trial/ $3.99 per month

Amazon Music

Amazon Music

If you want to lighten up your music time, Amazon Music has much more hidden in it with over a huge library of streaming 50 million songs. The most appreciated feature is that you can explore the curated artists and tune into your favorite stations.

Another notable feature of Amazon Music is that it offers a personalized music experience, so you don’t mesh up with searching the songs all the time. Like, Pandora, Amazon Music also has features of offline streaming of downloaded tracks or songs.

Price: 30-day free trial/$7.99 (initial price)

YouTube Music

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is the best way to enjoy all streaming songs blissfully. The best part about this music station is gearing up songs based on the limelight or trends. It comes with a powerful searching capability that makes it easier for users to discover a song. You can upgrade to YouTube++ Music Premium to avail benefits like saving songs for offline streaming.

Price: Free/$12.99


So, these are some of the top music stations that can beat Spotify and enhance your music experience with their delightful music tracks. But, keep in mind nothing is spotless, so lastly, what makes any app best is your requirement and preference. However, feel free to toss up the music app that you are finding deserving to line up.