Best Tips to Write Engaging Scripts for your Explainer Video

Best Tips to Write Engaging Scripts for your Explainer Video

Most businesses have been using explainer videos to connect with their audience in recent years. Undoubtedly, it has become one of the most powerful marketing tools. That is why businesses use it.

Video helps in increasing audience engagement and increasing conversion rate. However, you can only get the full advantage of it when your video is flawlessly produced. That does not mean it requires a considerable budget, but you should create a strategy for your video and write an engaging script.

Here in this blog, we will guide you with the best tips for writing top-notch video scripts.

Significance of Explainer Video Script

If you want to make your explainer video effective, you need to focus on the script. Writing a compelling script for explainer videos is essential because you cannot explain your idea without it. The script is what the voice-over artist says during the video. It helps in aligning the concepts with visuals.

Script Writing Process

There is no specific definition of a good explainer video, and sometimes it isn’t easy to define what elements can enrich your script. Business objectives and inspiration for your video will help you in writing it.

There is not any specific method for scriptwriting that you can use in your projects. However, you can write it with your business, customers, and industry knowledge.

If the author knows the basic rules of script writing and their business objectives, it helps a lot in writing an engaging script.

You can stick to the process for writing the script as follows:

Use Humor in Script

In marketing videos, we rarely see humor, but in explainer videos, you can use humor to capture the audience’s attention and surprise them.

Communicate Effectively

Try to tell your story, build viewers’ interest in your video, and capture their attention to convince them to take the desired action. When telling your story, do proper pronunciation by emphasizing your words.

Write Quality Content

A high-quality script is a key to your video’s success. Companies make one mistake: focusing on quantity instead of quality. If you are writing more pages of content for the script but compromising on quality, your client will never be satisfied with your work. So, keep it short but write a quality script that will win the client’s heart.

Implement the Classic Structure

Use classic structure for narration. Appealing design, clear structure, and engaging sound effects will enhance your explainer video.

Best Tips for Writing Compelling Script for Your Explainer Video

Here we will guide you with the best tips to help you write scripts for explainer videos.

Sum up your Video in a 30-second Sentence

Once you have chosen the idea, you should write the script with a summary. It isn’t an easy task as you need to decide whether you want to strictly highlight the brand image or make it concise and summarize the entire video with a 30-second sentence.

Convey Valuable Information to the Audience

Write your script in a way that provides valuable information to the viewers. It should connect the audience with your narration. If your audience associates themselves with your visual world and characters, you can influence their decision-making. Your key objective should be to entertain and educate your viewers with your explainer video.

Communicate the Problem

In this script writing phase, you need to highlight your audience’s problems and how your product or service is solving their problems. Think about how you can create a story that resonates with viewers. Highlighting consumers’ pain points is one of the best ways to grab the audience’s attention without conveying the benefits and features of your product or service yet.

Promote the Solution

Explain to your target audience how your organization is committed to providing the best solution to fulfill their requirements. Now you can share your unique selling proposition and tell your viewers how you are different from others.

Using statistics is one of the best ways to emphasize your point. However, you need to relate it with your objective and explain the significance of stats to the audience. If you want to explain complex concepts or data, present it with a context.

How & Why your Offering is Unique

You need to convey your message by explaining how your product or service is the best solution to fulfill their need and solve their problem better than the competition.

You need to convince the audience that you are different from the competition to achieve your desired objectives. Write a script that explains your product or service can solve their problem.

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Summarize your Message with a Call to Action

Using an engaging call to action (CTA) to influence the audience is ideal for improving the conversion rate. It will help convince the audience to take the desired action when they watch your video.

Creating an explainer video takes significant production effort, so it is better to use a call to action (CTA). It will also help viewers understand what action you want them to take and remember, only use a single CTA with proper instructions to gain their interest.

Ensure Accuracy in a Script

Proper formatting and good grammar are essential and minimum requirements for script writing. Other vital elements are accuracy and clarity in language help in conveying your idea.

If you cannot ensure these elements, it isn’t easy to achieve your objectives with a video. However, minor mistakes in the composition can be negligible.

Consider Incorporating the Right Facts

Most people read scripts on their mobile or laptops, so it is essential to incorporate correct facts and figures in a script because if they find any baffling fact, they can verify it from google within minutes.

The facts should be accurate; otherwise, it will negatively impact your credibility if you use the distortion of facts. The industry or company information should be correct. So, it is essential to consider the client’s information.

Closing Remarks

Marketers use various marketing tools in this digital age to enrich their marketing activities. Explainer videos have become one of the most effective marketing tools. Businesses and marketers use animated explainer videos to convey their complex concepts and ideas in an easy-to-understand message.

Explainer videos help businesses explain the features, benefits, and how to use a product or how it functions. Most companies who sell software and IT products use explainers to explain complicated concepts to their audience.

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