Best Types Of Hats For Brand Promotion 


If you are looking for a convenient way to promote or market your brand in an affordable manner, then look no further than custom hats. Moreover, they can be used as a promotional tool and as a fashionable accessory to accentuate any outfit. After all, not every business has the budget to pay for billboards and online marketing campaigns. However, by using custom hats, you can affordably purchase a trucker hat wholesale for example. And promote your brand to a wider audience. Moreover, it allows your staff and clients to promote your business daily.

As such, if you are looking for a stylish yet productive way to take your brand to the masses, then utilizing some custom hats should be your top priority. So, if you are set on finding the perfect type of hat to help promote your business, then let us educate you a little.

1. Snapbacks

If you are looking to personalize your hats to promote your brand or company. then the snapback is an excellent choice. The benefit of these hats is that they offer up embroidered patches and direct printing on the crown. Moreover, when you order wholesale snapback hats, you can pick between 6-panel or 5-panel hat styles. Also, you can choose whether or not you prefer a high, low, or mid-profile hat.

Another added feature of these caps is that they can often be made from a variety of materials such as cotton, polyester, wool, among others. As such, you have a wide array of choices to make as you can conveniently decide which fabric best suits your brand.

2. Dad hats

Dad hats are very similar to the typical baseball hat albeit with a few slight differences. For one, they are more worn by middle-aged men, hence the name. They are also less structured than most other hats, but this is a good thing, as it allows for easier customization and promotes a more casual laidback look for your hat wearers. These hats can be manufactured using several different types of fabrics such as cotton, wool, canvas, or faux leather. Plus, much like the snapback, there’s room to print or embroider your brand messaging on the hat’s crown. Additionally, these hats are one-size-fits-all, as they are highly adjustable and come with closure straps for perfect fitting.

3. Beanies

Beanies are an excellent choice for those looking to promote themselves during the cold winter periods. Plus, they offer a wide amount of space to embroider your texts and logos. Moreover, they are extremely versatile in that respect, as you can easily knit them to be synonymous with your brand’s colors as well. However, the only limitation that these hats have is they are best suited for embroidered designs. As such, while this is the more quality form of customization, it can be a bit more expensive than the typical screen printing method. In such cases, if you are limited in terms of your budget, then you are better off choosing a typical dad hat or even custom bucket hats. This is a good choice, especially if you want to be different from your competition.

4. Cowboy hats

Most people may consider this to be an eccentric choice of promotional material. But, the benefit of these hats is they have sufficient space on their brims and crowns for any logo or brand messaging. Furthermore, these hats tend to pull quite a bit of attention from public eyes, so they are perfect for those looking to raise awareness quickly. However, they are best suited for outdoor promotion and should be sold or distributed at events such as; barbecue events, music concerts, bike tours, etc. Moreover, they can only work with screen printed logos and texts.

5. Custom floppy hats

Floppy hays are another good choice for those looking to spread their brand awareness outdoors. This is especially true, during the summer when people are mostly wearing wide-brimmed hats for sun protection. The extra space offered by these hats is ideal for brand promotion using screen printing. The extra space offered by these hats is ideal for brand promotion using screen printing and dtf film printing. Plus, marketing using these hats is an excellent way to draw the right attention. And also show people that you care about their health as well.

6. Berets

The benefit of using berets over most other hats is that they are a fashion accessory that presents an exquisite and charming look to your brand. Plus, since the wearer can wear it in any way they want and still expose your custom brand logo or message perfectly, they are convenient as a promotional tool. Moreover, they are extremely versatile in that you can customize these hats using both embroidery and screen printing. However, you are better off using utilize metallic clips and tags instead. This is because they are a more stylish way of promoting your messages without compromising the beret’s fashionable look.


There is no doubt that hats have grown to become more than just fashionable accessories. And apart from the commonly used custom baseball hat, the options we’ve listed above should do well to help your business stand out amongst the crowd. After all, with many brands utilizing these pieces for promotion, it only makes sense for them to continue to play an important role in the business market in the future.

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