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Have you ever tried accidentally deleting a video from your computer or mobile devices? If you do, you know how frustrating it can be trying to recover what you have lost. Although there are video repair tools out there, they can be expensive and difficult to use.

Luckily, there is a simple solution to recover deleted files or fix corrupted video files, and that’s by using Repairit. Here, you will learn more about how this product can solve your problem and how to use it. 

The Cause of Video File Loss or Corruption

File loss or data corruption is a serious matter, especially when it involves business-related files. Unfortunately, there can be several causes why these can happen. You must be aware of them to avoid them at all costs. 

Here are some of the common reasons behind video file loss or corruption:

  • Human Error

One of the most frequent reasons for video file loss or corruption is due to human error. There are times that particular folders contain important video files that you may have forgotten. There can even be instances when you delete a video file without understanding its importance. 

Believe it or not, this happens quite frequently to many people in different industries. There is no way to ensure that human error will never happen in this case. However, what you can do is train yourself and your employees how to handle files properly. 

You can teach them how to arrange folders according to importance and priority. It would also be helpful to always have backup file storage in case of unintentional deletion. 

  • Hard Drive Damage

Another common reason for video file loss or corruption is hard drive damage. Hard drives are among the most fragile components of a computer. One wrong move and they might not work again, making you unable to recover your data. 

Furthermore, hard drives are susceptible to damage due to wear and tear and overheating. But, there are several telltale signs that your hard drive is failing. Here are some of them: 

Frequent crashes

Overheating computer

Booting failures

Slow processing speed

Lags and freezes

Corrupted or lost files. 

  • Viruses and Malware

Viruses and malware are often the number one cause of file corruption. This is understandable because their primary purpose is to delete and steal data, especially from companies and individuals that can be extorted. 

The most common method of virus or malware delivery is through email and clicking corrupted links. This gives them a pathway to your computer and causes havoc. 

There are several ways to avoid having your video file corrupted by viruses and malware. You should install reliable and trustworthy antimalware and antivirus software. It is also a good routine to do a thorough scan on your computer often. 

  • Software Corruption

Software corruption usually happens due to bugs in the codes. However, they can also happen because of improper installation and different hardware failures. Most of the time, the reason why this may occur is out of your control. 

However, what you can do is learn how to do basic troubleshooting. This will allow you to identify whether the problem is really about software corruption and correct it later on. You can also use diagnostic programs and learn how to shut down your computer units safely. 

  • Hard Drive Formatting

There are times when your computer will give you a random popup that will initiate hard drive formatting. This could probably be a new software update or compatibility reasons. Regardless, hard drive formatting can be helpful, but at the same time, it can be irritating when you start it unconsciously. 

To avoid losing your important video files due to hard drive formatting, make sure to have alternative storage. Cloud-based storage is a good option for this type of scenario. 

  • Liquid Damage

This reason for video file loss and corruption has a lot to do with damaged hardware. Since computers are electric devices, they are natural enemies of anything liquid. 

To mitigate the risks of liquid damage on your devices, you can impose a no-liquid on desks policies. This way, there’s no chance of accidentally spilling water or coffee anywhere. 

Try doing waterproofing measures on your devices as well. Place them in waterproof cases, or you could also put waterproof plugs and covers on ports and other components of a computer.  

What Can Video Repair Tools Do?

A video repair tool has 2 main functions. The first function is to repair corrupted video files, while the second is to recover deleted video files. 

You will know that your video file is corrupted when you try to open it, and it shows an error prompt. In some cases, it will just say that the computer is unable to open the video file. There can be several causes behind this, and some are mentioned above.

Meanwhile, a video repair tool can recover files by using the inner memory of your devices. Doing this manually requires coding and intensive programming knowledge, which is why not many people can do it. But, with this type of tool, the process is made more seamless and easier. 

Repairit: Key Features and How to Use It 

There are two versions for Wondershare Repairit; Repairit for Desktop and Repairit Online. What’s their difference? 

The Repairit online is the free version. It’s the perfect choice for you if you just want to recover a single video. This version will allow you to do the following tasks: 

  • Repair 10 video files per day
  • Perform 3 video format repair per day
  • Single video file repair at a time
  • Video segment preview for 30 mins
  • 1 quick repair per day

Suppose what you deleted was a whole folder with multiple video files in different formats. In this case, what’s most suitable for you might be the Repairit desktop. It has more advanced features that will enable you to save time and effort. 

Here are the key features for Repairit Desktop:

  • Unlimited video file repair for any format
  • Video corruption repair in any instances
  • Full video preview
  • No file size limit
  • Multitasking
  • Advanced repair 
  • Technical services

To recover loss or corrupted file by using Repair it, you can follow these general steps: 

  1. Click on the “+ Add” button to attract the corrupted video file.

    Video Repair
    Video Repair

  2. Select the file name from the list and click the Repair button.

    Video Repair
    Video Repair

  3. Check the preview of the file to ensure that it’s the content that you want to recover.

    Video Repair
    Video Repair

  4. Once the repair process is done, save the video file to your desired location. Video Repair

You can now recover the lost and corrupted files that you have without any hassle with four easy steps. 

Closing Words

Accidentally deleting your video or getting it corrupted can indeed be frustrating. But, Repairit can save the day, so no need to worry. 

We highly recommend this product, it is one of the best video repair software 2021. It is super easy-to-use, and the price is very reasonable. You can use its free version and see how useful it can be. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing precious video files every time. 

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