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Best Way To Make Money From Youtube in 2020!

Best Way To Make Money From Youtube in 2020!How To Make Money From Youtube in 2020!

“Best Way To Make Money From Youtube in 2020!”- This Guide is prepared by one of my friend from his real life experience. After completion of this post, you will get idea about how to use youtube to earn more than $100 a month making money from home legitimately. Proof of payment is also included in this post. So,This might be the best way to make money online in 2020.

Best Way To Make Money From Youtube in 2020!

So lately my friend has been getting into ‘reviewing’ stuff on YouTube (and on his niche sites) to make money through amazon reviews and I thought I’d make a tutorial to show you how he’s doing it.

He has been setting up channels where he personally review all sorts of gear in all sorts of niches (both physical and digital products) and he has even been branching out to work with other Youtubers to help them to start up review channels too… and basically what I am finding is that this simple approach can be extremely profitable if you’re willing to put the time and effort into doing it properly.

And I am not talking about those terrible review sites with the stock graphics and poorly expressed articles that have probably been copy pasted straight off the Amazon review site.

I’m talking about actually buying the products, trying them and doing a real video review on Youtube along with a blog post with actual footage of the product in action.

But why am I taking all of this extra effort to buy the products and to make video reviews as opposed to just using stock images and articles?

Two reasons:

  •   They convert insanely well. Nothing beats a real review where you can actually see that the person really has bought and tried the product and as a result these types of videos convert extremely well… even for higher end products costing $500+ allowing you to get $50 commissions, $100 commissions and even higher.
  • The competition is next to impossible. So, few people are actually willing to step away from their computer for a moment to properly review a product and then go on camera that it means that those who are willing to put in the effort are able to rank and bank with ease.

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Before I get into the ‘how to’ portion of this post though here’s a quick example of how profitable these videos can be.

The following is an income shot my friend just grabbed that comes from just ONE review video of a physical product that has nothing to do with the ‘internet marketing’ niche.

As you can see the commissions are nice and healthy, they’re regular and it just comes in on autopilot once the video is up and ranking.

And when you consider that he has got dozens of videos like this in all sorts of niches it starts to add up pretty quickly.

Best Way To Make Money From Youtube in 2020!
How To Make Money From Youtube.

Now I can’t give you the niche or show you the video for most of these because like I said – these keywords are so low in competition that it’d be stupid for me to ‘out’ them.

But here’s an example that you can see.

My friend reviewed tool ‘FPTraffic’ on channel a while back which is a tool that he has been using to grow and automate his Facebook pages. He basically just put together a video where he talked about how he was using FPTraffic and what he liked about it and towards the end he give out my affiliate link.

And basically this review video now ranks in the top spots of YouTube for things like ‘FPTraffic’, ‘FPTraffic Review’ and even things like ‘get more Facebook Fans’, ‘How To Get More Facebook Fans’ and so on:

Best Way To Make Money From Youtube in 2020!
How To Make Money From Youtube.
Best Way To Make Money From Youtube in 2020!
How To Make Money From Youtube.

Towards the end of the video he give the watcher his affiliate link and as a result he has been making autopilot income every month since he put the video out… without doing ANY extra promotions.

Here’s a screenshot:

Best Way To Make Money From Youtube in 2020!
How To Make Money From Youtube.

And because this product is recurring and because people choose to stay signed up his earnings month to month tend to grow without doing anything extra.

And you really can do this in basically any niche you want. You can do it with physical products, with software, with tools, courses… whatever.

Anyway let’s get to the ‘tutorial’ portion of this post.

Best Way To Make Money From Youtube in 2020!

1. Choosing A Niche :

Youtube might be best way to make money in 2020 but the very first thing you’ll want to do is choose yourself a niche. Your channel should all be based around one ‘main’ niche/type of product.

And the way in which I find ‘review’ keywords to target is the same way that I find keywords to target in the Google search results – by using the good old Google Keyword Planner.

Generally speaking if people search for something in Google they also search for it in Youtube. So for example if I was to set up a review channel in the ‘cooking/kitchen’ niche I could target something like this:

Best Way To Make Money From Youtube in 2020!
How To Make Money From Youtube.

As you can ‘Bakerstone Pizza Oven Review’ gets a total of 320 searches/month.

But when we look at the competition levels in YouTube we can see that the competition is basically non existent with just 219 results in total turning up and not one of them is targeting ‘Bakerstone Pizza Oven Review’ in their titles:

Best Way To Make Money From Youtube in 2020!
How To Make Money From Youtube.

I’ll say it again. That’s 219 results. Not 219,000… not even a 1,000. Its 292 videos in the entire world and most of those videos still aren’t even targeting this keyword.

What’s also cool too is that by doing this can also go after the product keyword itself which in this example is ‘Bakerstone Pizza Oven’ which gets 480 searches/month and again this keyword still only has 393 results in YouTube.

This really is the definition of ‘low competition’.

Hopefully you’re starting to see what I’m getting at. These keywords are obscenely easy to rank for.

But let’s do one more example and this time of a ‘digital product’. Digital products are great too because often they have higher commissions and you don’t even have to wait for the product to ship or anything like that.

Let’s say I did a ‘VPN Review’ channel where I reviewed VPN services. VPNs are basically programs that allow you to change your IP so that you can do things like watch that are only available to a certain country regardless of where you are in the world.

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After a very quick search I found this keyword ‘Astrill VPN Review’ which gets 590 searches a month and it’s got an affiliate program that pays out 10%-25%.

And best of all it has next to no competition in YouTube:


Best Way To Make Money From Youtube in 2020!
How To Make Money From Youtube.

It’s got a measly 431 results and only the very first two videos even include ‘Astrill VPN Review’ in their title. If I wasn’t already so busy I’d probably even go after this keyword myself!

Then what’s really cool too is once you’ve got your channel built a bit you can also start to target keywords like:

a) ‘X vs Y’ Keywords: You’ll be amazed at how many people search for direct product comparisons like ‘Coke vs Pepsi’ and it’s ridiculous how little competition these keywords often have. Once you have already reviewed a few products on your channel you can then start to tackle some of these ‘x vs y’ keywords too without even having to buy the products (since you’ve already got them).

Furthermore because you already have done the research on each product and have already tested them out these sort of videos take about half the time that a regular review video would take.

b) Best X’ Keywords: This is another cool and easy one to do especially once you’ve already got a review up.

Just head to the Google Keyword Planner and do a search for ‘best your niche’ and you’ll find a slew of other cool keywords that you can target:

2. Shooting or Making Videos/Contents:

I’m not going to get into the ‘nuts and bolts’ of video editing otherwise this post would turn into a novel and there are already a TONNE of free tutorials out there as well as on YouTube about how to use video editing software.

You don’t need to use anything fancy. Hell you can use Windows Movie Maker if you want too.

Personally I use Adobe Premiere Pro just because I’m a big fan of the whole Adobe suite and just like the way they all work together but you can do this in anything.

What’s more important than the software you use is things like targeting keywords, being authentic and things like eye catching thumbnails.

Don’t worry though I’ve got you covered

a) Scripting / Preparation

The very first thing you want to do is simply buy the product and play around with it. Make notes about what you do and don’t like about the product as you use it. If there are downsides/things you don’t like about the product don’t be afraid to add them because it will make your video seem a lot more genuine which will result in more trust and ultimately more conversions.

You don’t have to write an entire word for word script or anything like that but in my experience your video will come out way better if you do a little bit of preparation first and actually figure out roughly what points you are going to cover and address rather than trying to ‘wing it’ on the spot.

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b) Recording Your Videos

Grab your notes and a camera and start yapping away about what you did and didn’t like about the product.

Just keep it simple. Pretend like you are talking to a friend and are explaining what you did and didn’t like about something and it’ll make it seem a lot easier. And remember this is YouTube – not TV. You don’t need to be ‘corporate’, you don’t need to ‘hard sell’… just be genuine and real and don’t worry too much if you stuff up a word or about getting absolutely everything 100% perfect.

Alternatively if you are camera shy then you can shoot a bunch of ‘up close’ footage of the product being used and then simply record a voiceover later.

With digital products you can just record your screen while you use product using something like Camtasia and then talk over the top of it.

Audio quality is much more important than video quality though. If people can’t understand what you are saying then they’ll never buy what you are selling so if you can – try to pick up a decent microphone.

Basically any microphone is better than the shitty ones that come in built with cameras – personally I use and recommend the Blue Yeti which you can pick up for about $150. I know A LOT of other Youtubers that use this exact microphone too and it really will give you 100x better quality than a camera microphone will.

Then at the very end of each video you want to give two call to actions: one to buy the product that you are promoting and one asking the viewer to subscribe.

So you can say something like this:

“To find out where you can buy yourself GHD hair straightener at the cheapest price online then click here to check out my blog where I’ve put up links the absolute cheapest places to buy authentic GHD hair straighteners online. And for more cool videos don’t forget to hit the subscribe button!”

c) Cutting/Editing your videos

As I mentioned before I’m not going to get into exactly how to edit a video (it’s not that hard… just pick a video editing program and play with it until you get the hang of it).

However I do have a couple of pointers that should make your videos more successful:

  • Use jump cuts. This is basically what every popular YouTuber does and all it means is cutting out the boring bits, the ‘umms’ and ‘aaaahs’, the long silences etc. Nobody wants to watch a 30 minute video just because you were too lazy to cut out the unnecessary bits. Nobody wants to watch you yawning. Keep it short, to the point and remember people have ADD attention spans these days. This will in turn increase your average viewer duration (aka: how far into your videos people are watching) which will then increase your YouTube rankings. If you’re audience retention is under 50% (you can check this in your YouTube analytics) then you probably need to make your videos shorter and more ‘to the point’.
  •  Add background music to keep the ‘pace’ of your videos up. I add background music to just about every video that I make no matter what niche it’s in and it really helps to add a bit of ‘pace’ to your videos and to make them more interesting and engaging. You can find free royalty free tracks that you can use in the YouTube Audio Library or paid ones over at
  • This may seem like an unimportant detail, however, some people have hearing issues. You can help them by adding subtitles to your videos. This can also be useful to those who prefer watching videos on mute.

3. Optimizing Your Videos

Once you’ve got your first video rendered it’s time to upload the video and to optimize it so that it ranks in not only YouTube but hopefully inside of Google too.

And luckily this isn’t too hard to do. We just need to make sure that we do a few things:

Optimizing Your Videos For Your Keywords: This is super easy to do. Basically just make sure that you include your keyword in your title, your tags and your description:

Best Way To Make Money From Youtube in 2020!
How make money from youtube

Also try to make your title catchy, your description at least 200 words and add any other related keywords that you can find in the Keyword Planner tool to your tags section.

Create A Custom YouTube Thumbnail: The more eye catching your thumbnail is the more traffic you’ll get. It’s the first thing people notice when they search for videos or look in the related videos section so custom thumbnails are a must for every video otherwise YouTube will just pick a random segment of your video and show that as your thumbnail which is the last thing we want!

If it’s a physical products you can just take a photo of the product itself. Put the product against a nice background and just snap a pic. But if it’s a digital product you can hit up sites like or (these are paid sites but you can also use free royalty free image sites too) and search for a picture that’s related to your niche.

Annotations & Cards: The last thing that we need to do before we can publish our video is to add annotations and cards to the video. These are basically those links that you see over the top of videos that people can click on to go to another site.

And basically we want to use ‘annotations’ and ‘cards’ to link back to our website where our affiliate links are.

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Before you’ll be able to use these features you’ll need to make sure that you have associated your website with your YouTube account which you can do by going to the ‘Creator Studio’ section on YouTube and then to ‘Channel’ and then ‘Advanced’:

Best Way To Make Money From Youtube in 2020!
How To Make Money From YouTube.

Once you’ve got your site linked to your YouTube account you’ll then be able to add annotations and cards back to your site at the point where you say “and if you’d like to buy this than click here etc” that link back to your blog post post about that particular product.

And you also want to include a ‘Subscribe’ annotation at the point where you ask your viewer to subscribe. You’ll be amazed at how many people will actually click through to your website or subscribe to your channel just because you asked them too.

Then once you’ve done all of that just publish your video!

4. ‘Promoting’ Your Videos

Once you’re videos are finished and uploaded the hardest bit is over.

If you pick your keywords well then often you’ll find yourself ranking on the first page of Google literally minutes after pressing the ‘publish’ button. Hard to believe when you are used to the longer wait of SEO but it’s definitely possible and by no means uncommon. 9 times out of 10 your video will appear somewhere on the first few pages of YouTube for your keyword within literally minutes.

However with a bit of promotion we can really kick off our videos helping us to truly cement our rankings.

By giving a bit of a ‘push’ to our videos we can drive some initial views, comments and likes to them all of which will help to ‘launch’ your videos getting them ranked even higher and helping them to turn up in the ‘related videos’ section of YouTube.

And the main way that I do this is simple – I use social networks.

For every channel/site that I build I set up a Facebook, a Twitter, a Pinterest, a Google+, a Reddit, and and then I use these accounts to promote my videos.

Now I’m not going to get into exactly how I use every site because I’ve already posted guides on most of these sites but you can check some tutorials I’ve posted in the past on the Fix about how I do this:

Tumblr: Just set up a niche related tumblr, start to follow niche related people, start posting your videos and so long as your videos don’t totally suck ass you WILL get reblogs, likes, views, comments and subscribers.

Pinterest: Pinterest is also allows you to post and share out your videos in much the same way.

Reddit: Reddit is definitely a little bit trickier as these guys marketing radar is higher but still totally, totally worth doing if you do it right and a single good submission can literally kickstart a channel from 0 to 100 subscribers in a day.

These three alone are enough to get your channel rolling but if you want to give it some extra juice I’d also recommend also hitting up Facebook & Google+ groups. There are groups on these social networks for just about every niche in existence and sharing your videos inside of these groups is a super easy way to get traction.

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