Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Reviews – Best Portable Air Conditioner?

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Reviews

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is not your common humidifier or fan it’s a full-fledged portable AC that can ease your way through the scorching heat of the imminent summer season. Every season has its toll on our health especially our skin health because of the air around us. In winter the dry air drags the moisture out of our skin and makes it wrinkly while the summer is no different. Even excessive exposure to moisture is harmful to the biggest organ in our body. We know about Global warming and how it is affecting our weather system. Our seasons’ cycles are getting more and more intense. Moreover, the summer season is getting longer and hotter every year. We do have efficient Air Conditioners, but their operating costs are through the roof considering how expensive electricity is nowadays.

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC is a cordless machine that will handle all of your weather worries in the upcoming summer. It is in the most literal sense a portable Air conditioner that you can take anywhere with you. It has a lot of advantages over your common portable fan not to mention at an attractive price.

So, without further delay, let’s review Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC and see if it deserves a place in your home.

What is Blast Auxiliary Classic AC?

At its core, Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC is a portable fan that you can use as a fan, or a portable AC, or even as a humidifier. It is designed to be simple and effective. You must be tired of carrying bulky portable fans from room to room when it gets hot. Most of these fans do not even have a proper mechanism of putting out cool air rather these are just fans that spin and provide (at times not so good warm) air.

The Desktop AC is a new and improved version of these fans that can take any of the above-mentioned roles. It can cool you down in the summers. It can also provide humidified air in the dry winter seasons. At the same time, it is small, convenient, easy to use, and cordless.

Its unique and simple cubed design lets you place it anywhere in the room from your desks to your windowsills. The simple design blends it with the overall environment and you can just leave it there.

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How Does Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Work?

There’s a reason behind the boxy design as it makes it easy to operate. The front of the box has the outer fins for cool air to come out. While in the back similar fins let hot air come inside. There is an Ice tray under these fins in which you can put ice to cool your air as much as you like. The coolness depends upon the quantity of ice and water. In front of these, there is a fan that can operate at three different speeds according to your liking. Then there is the water curtain. You can get instant cooling by letting evaporation do its magic. There is also a water container in which you can pour 300ml of water to keep the water curtain moist. Lastly, in between the front fins and the water curtain, there is a misting device the keeps the cool air moist. It is very good for your skin and sinuses as it traps dust particles from the air.

These components work together to cool and moisturize the hot-dry air in the room. Hot air gets sucked in through the back, it gets cooled by the ice cubes and the water sponge. Then the misting body adds the required moisture, and it goes out from the front.

The small size of the device does not reveal the full picture. The technology underneath makes it work like an actual portable AC. As mentioned earlier, it is cordless and easily usable anywhere. You can even carry it with you anywhere. All you need to do is pour some water on top, add the water sponge and you are good to go.

As far as maintenance is concerned, Blast Auxiliary has got you covered. It does not require much maintenance you only need to change the water sponge every six to eight months. Changing the sponge is essential to make sure the longevity of the device.

Top Features of the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC

  • Portable: Charge it and take it anywhere.
  • Underlying ambient lights make it incredible to use at the night.
  • Three fan speeds.
  • Moveable louver to manipulate the wind current.
  • Minimalistic design lets you place it anywhere without sacrificing the look of the room.
  • Type-C charging
  • Easy to fill 300ml water capacity.
  • Low noise
  • A Low-influence configuration saves a lot of electricity.
  • Works as a humidifier OR/AND portable fan/AC.

Blast Portable AC Consumer Reports

Some of the benefits of using the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC as described its consumers are as follows:

  1. Rapid Cooling: While the function of the Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC is to provide cool air, it can cool your entire room. Blast Auxiliary claims that it can rapidly cool only in 30 seconds.
  2. Portable and Chargeable: The most important benefit that the Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC puts on the table is the fact that it is portable. You are no longer bound to the room that has an Air Conditioner. You can take it anywhere you want as long as it is charged. Speaking of charging, you can charge it through the USB-C cable of your phone.
  3. Quiet: We are accustomed to the loud noises of the fans be it the portable or the ceiling fans. These make a lot of noise and are especially detrimental to our sleep. On the other hand, the Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC is very quiet. The most you will hear is a slight purring sound which is not distracting at all.
  4. Filters out dust and germs: The quality of the air we breathe in is very important. However, most big cities are suffering from air pollution which means we take in a range of toxins and air pollutants that can seriously affect our health. The Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC can lessen your worries as t filters out dust particles and germs.
  5. Humidifier: Dry air in any season can be harmful to your skin as well as your respiratory system. The Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC keeps the air in your room optimally humid so that you are safe from any skin or respiratory ailments.
  6. Easy to charge: The Type-C connector due to its multi-role capabilities is slowly becoming a universal USB connector. Every smartphone except iPhones, every modern laptop and even home appliances now support the connector. Similar is the case with the Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC. You can charge it with any USB-C cable. Once it gets charged fully, you can use it all day.
  7. Low Maintenance: As mentioned earlier the Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC does not require any special care. You only need to charge it daily and change the water curtain every six to eight months and you are good to go. Other than this you can also clean the dust and debris from the fan using a clean towel.
  8. Ambient lighting: There is a small LED screen on the front which lets you know how long your fan will run on the current charge. Apart from that, the screen can also be used to create intimate mood lighting which you can use while you sleep.
  9. Health benefits

As mentioned earlier it can provide a range of health benefits, especially for the skin. Some of these are as follows:

  • By humidifying the air, it may prevent sore throat.
  • Prevents skin dryness and itchiness.
  • Traps dust particles and other allergens.


Like every product out there, there may some downsides to the Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC as well. Some of these are as follows:

  • Only available via official site: We can find almost anything on sites like Amazon, E-bay, or Newegg. Unfortunately, that is not the case with Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC. It is only available through the official site and the quantity, for the time being, is very limited.

Pricing and return policy

Portable ACs are firstly very hard to find especially in the summers as these run out of stock very quickly. Secondly, these are very pricy and go up to $200. Fortunately, the Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC does not cost as much. It is only priced at $139. If you order via the site right now you can qualify for the 50% off bundle which drops the price down to $89.99 per piece. Moreover, if you buy more you can create even more compelling offers for yourself. It is currently available in the following bundles:

  • One Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC at $89.99
  • Bundle of two Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop ACs at $89.99 each PLUS shipping
  • Bundle of three Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop ACs at $67.49 each PLUS shipping
  • Bundle of four Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop ACs at $61.86 each PLUS shipping

Blast Auxiliary is also offering a 30-day money-back guarantee with the gadget as well. If you are not happy with the performance and want your hard-earned money back. Just get in touch with their customer service and avail of a hassle-free refund. You would obviously need to return your gadget too.

Blast Portable AC Reviews – Does it Really Work?

If you have read it this far, it means the Blast Desktop AC is a powerful gadget. Its multi-functional role makes it a unique device among hundreds of other devices. It can work as a portable AC, portable fan, and even as a humidifier according to your needs. It is compact, mobile, and very easy to use. It offers a range of benefits including health benefits as well. Blast Auxiliary claims that it can rapidly cool the air around you in just 30 seconds. While the claim sure is bombastic, it does work really well. Moreover, you can buy it at a compelling price. Lastly, Blast Auxiliary also offers a money-back guarantee which is a testament to their support of the product. Rest assured you can safely buy the product and get your money back if you don’t end up liking it.

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