Bloodshot 2020 review

Bloodshot 2020 is one movie that has seen the biggest variety of ups and downs when it comes to critics, reviews, etc. Starring Vin Diesel as the main lead, the movie, at first was assumed to be like other typical action movies but as we the audience couldn’t refrain from watching it, eventually we realized it was much better.

The beginning review

The movie starts with a short but thrilling rescue operation which pulled me in to watch more. I, not being such a huge action/ Sci-fi fan, felt like the action sequences in the movie are more real than the cliche one-person-fighting-20-people fights. The suspense is Unbelievable and the ending is Satisfying. 


Diesel plays US Marine hot shot Ray Garrison, who is kidnapped and murdered along with his wife after a mission. Or so it seems.

Plot reviews

Story-wise, this is pretty standard fare, especially for a Vin Diesel movie. If you’ve read the comic books by Valiant Comics, you’ll notice that this isn’t exactly a direct adaptation of the series. In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that the main character is Bloodshot, this could have been any other generic Vin Diesel action movie.

Limited freedom in the storyline

Credit to director David S.F. Wilson for pulling off a decent job with the somewhat limited script, particularly in the way the movie starts out as a seemingly straightforward revenge flick only to take a surprising turn halfway through.

Sure, you don’t need enhanced vision to see the “twist” coming a mile away, but the way he pulls it off still manages to elicit a modicum of surprise out of you and turns the story somewhat. It’s not that hard a turn though, more like a gentle merging into another lane on the action-packed highway, but it did at least inject some much-needed freshness into the movie. The action is decent as well, with one stylishly filmed sequence in a flour-filled tunnel being the standout from the pack.


Sometimes, you know exactly what you’re going to get out of a movie just by looking at who the lead actor is.

Vin Diesel’s movies, for instance, are simple – whether it’s the Fast And Furious, XxX, Riddick franchises, or even The Pacifier, you know you’ll at least get some good, mindless, action-packed fun out of the 90 minutes or so in the cinema. You may not be able to fathom what he is mumbling about half the time, but hey, that guy can throw a punch, and he never seems to get hurt. At all.

With Bloodshot, Diesel pretty much sticks to the formula. The over-the-top action sequences are there, and so are all the bone-crushing stunts, but this time, at least he has a reason for his invulnerability: superpowers!


The Movie trailer only establishes the first half of the movie and leaves us feeling it’s just another Cyborg Sci-fi action movie, but it is slightly better.

Cinematic effects

Those who are fans of Vin Diesel from his Fast & Furious Movie Series surely do respect the film, but it’s cinematic effects are what make it stand out. Vin Diesel’s acting skills have been energetic, vibrant, and emotional as and when required. And the action sequences have been done quite well. But the $45 M special effects in the movie do all the justice to the budget. Each scene in the movie has been emphasized well enough to make sure the audience understand each and everything, neither too slow nor too fast. 

“Bloodshot” wants to be a treatise of sorts on privatized surveillance, artificial intelligence, and war profiteering. And in many ways, it pulls that off, especially with Pearce as the philosophically slimy Dr. Harting. But the filmmakers have the good sense to let that subversion coexist alongside Diesel’s sincerity, so it remains a bewildering piece of good-bad sci-fi action trash. Do any of the characters have clearly articulated motives? No. Are the action sequences a confounding geographical jumble? Indeed. Does Lamorne Morris shout “He’s overclocking the nanites!” in a cockney accent? Of course, he does. What more could you possibly expect from a movie called “Bloodshot”? Nothing.


So much of Bloodshot is reminiscent of other films, you start to wonder if there is a single original idea hiding underneath its typical Hollywood exterior. It is a decent, somewhat thrilling movie that serves the audience well enough to keep them entertained for a while having not many flaws but many voids here and there.  We recommend you to use Bloodshot Movie subtitles while watching it. 

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