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Building an Ultimate Video Editing PC with the Help of the Best Computer Parts Store

best computer parts store

best computer parts store

Video editors across the globe are enjoying a great rise in demand. With the rise of digital platforms, more people are viewing video content than ever. Since video editors are a crucial part of the video production industry, the future looks exciting for aspiring video editors.

When setting up a workstation, the first thing that video editors think about is software. By 2025, the video editing software market will be worth over $932.7 million. Hence, most video editors are fairly aware of the importance of these editing software tools and are actively investing in these tools.

However, without the correct hardware, carrying out complicated edits is impossible. The standards of top video editing software tools are very high. They only run on PCs that have the most advanced hardware components.

Aspiring video editors need to prioritize hardware components before deciding on which software they want to use.

In general, the guidelines for buying hardware components that are suitable for video editing include –

  • The higher the CPU speed, the better the editing performance. CPUs with more cores can support the latest video editing software.
  • Having a high-capacity RAM is essential for the fast video editing process. When it comes to memory power, a high-capacity RAM will always be much faster than disk cache.
  • There’s no urgency to invest in multiple GPUs. For video editors, a single graphics processing unit with high RAM is ideal. Unless the editors also want to use their device for gaming, GPUs are not essential to improving the performances of video editing software tools.
  • Even if the GPU is used by the video editor isn’t the latest, the GPU drivers need to be up to date.

Buying Editing-Friendly Hardware Components

Budget-conscious editors don’t always have the luxury to invest in the latest hardware components. That’s why they need to know which components they need to spend most of their money on so that they can save a lot while buying other less important parts. Every video editor knows that the Central Processing Units of their devices will be key to their performance. So, a significant chunk of their budget should be allocated for a professional-level CPU.

Before building a custom PC that’s designed for video editing, editors must pick the right components with the right features. For video editors, their PC will be the main source of their income. So, instead of looking for low-quality and low-cost components, they must team up with the best computer parts store and pick the following components that are essential for ensuring high-quality video editing –

Why the CPU is the Holy Grail for Video Editors

A highly-efficient CPU is vital for video editors because these professionals carry out countless tasks at the same time. Their taskbar is always filled with tabs. Many of these tabs lead to complicated feature-heavy editing software tools that need CPU cores to function well. Here’s why high-quality CPUs are key to building an efficient editing PC –

  • The CPU’s core count will determine how fast editors will be able to execute editing processes.
  • The speedier a CPU, the faster the video editing software tools will perform.
  • In general, PCs with weak or slow processors tend to freeze more. For video editors who often forget to save their files while editing, such device failures can be career-threatening.
  • The latest video editing software tools like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro need CPUs with multiple cores. More cores mean more lag-free performances.

The CPU is where video editors must invest the largest portion of their budgets. Editors who aim to do serious editing work on their PCs shouldn’t settle for anything less than six-core CPUs.

The Renewed Importance of Graphics Cards

In the past, graphics cards weren’t considered as important a component for video editing or creative work in general as CPUs. So, most video editors were happy to spend a little less on their graphics cards. However, recent upgrades to top video editing software tools like DaVinci Resolve and Premiere Pro have made powerful graphics cards more important.

Rendering a video as quickly as possible is crucial for video editors. Many of the leading tools now offer hardware-enabled rendering, making high-quality GPUs as important as CPUs. In these updated video editing software tools –

  • GPUs can handle video rendering.
  • A strong graphics card can also assist with certain editing effects.
  • GPUs enable editors to use the latest hardware-accelerated features in leading editing software tools.
  • Encoding and rendering are faster with powerful graphics cards.

Hence, to optimize their editing performance, editors must use a high-quality GPU.


On average, 1 out of every 49 motherboards fail after very soon after the purchase. So, buying high-quality motherboards with specific CPU sockets is vital for video editors.

Thankfully, motherboards don’t cost as much as CPUs. Aspiring video editors can manage their budget and get a decently priced motherboard. In terms of the size of the motherboard, they can either choose from –

  • ATX
  • Mini-ATX
  • Micro-ITX

The larger ATX motherboards are the most feature-friendly.

These are the core hardware components that all aspiring video editors must spend most of their PC budget on!