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Can technology have too much to offer?

With around 269.5 million active mobile users in the USA, access to the internet is no difficult task. From social media to shopping, and gaming to streaming, tasks that were traditionally performed in person are now reliant on technology. Yet, while this accessibility makes the habits of the nation much easier to see through, the online space can sometimes seem overwhelming due to its extensive choice. While choice is a good thing, it often makes decision-making a much more difficult task, and people can spend hours trolling the internet trying to find their perfect date night outfit or next game to play. We’ll take a look at the online habits of the US and just how much choice they are spoilt for.

Fast Fashion

The USA is the leading country for eCommerce revenue, with 69% of Americans using the internet to browse online stores at least once a month. With a total of 2.1 million online retail stores in the US alone, ranging from tech giants like Apple to fast fashion brands like Pretty Little Thing, online users are spoilt for choice when it comes to searching for their next laptop or wardrobe addition. When compared to its offline counterpart, the numbers more than halve, with just over 1 million land-based retail stores in the US. While the figure is still high, this is spread across the whole of the US, whereas the 2.1 million online retail stores can be accessed with the click of a finger. This just goes to show that the choice is endless for online shoppers, and choosing between the 2.1 million online stores available is no easy task.

Online Games

Falling closely behind the eCommerce industry, the online gaming industry attracts 64% of the US adult population. Accessing games on a mobile, computer, or console, the average US gamer spends 16% of their weekly leisure time playing games online. Popular online games in the US include FIFA, Minecraft, and Call of Duty, which are amongst thousands of other online games for people to choose from. One sector of gaming that has grown exponentially over the last decade is the online casino industry.
The online offering for casino has certainly improved over the years, from games like Starburst to Roulette, and video Poker to Sportsbook, online casino can be accessed globally thanks to newfound technology. In such a saturated market, it’s often difficult to uncover which online casino offers the best in terms of gameplay and perks, but luckily, you can check out full ranking by Bonusfinder here which offers a comparison service between online casino platforms and gives a breakdown in terms of their offering.

Having looked at the two most popular online resources – eCommerce and gaming, it’s clear that newfound technology has a lot to answer for. With the options available online, it’s no wonder that millions of Americans are accessing these two online resources on a regular basis.