Can You Buy Reviews on Trustpilot?

Online reviews play an important role in helping people research the services, products, and brands they are interested in. Consumers trust online reviews because they want transparency from the business or service they are going to take.

In that case, many platforms help to make this review process easier, and Trustpilot is one of them. It is a customer review management tool that helps facilitate this process by reviewing and collecting, and publishing business data.

Trustpilot is the leading online review service that has hosted 120+ million reviews on more than 529,000+ websites as of December 2020. Anyone from anywhere can buy Trustpilot reviews to turn customer reviews into sales. If you wish to buy trustpilot reviews, you can purchase reviews from any trustable third-party website.

What Is Trustpilot?Reviews on Trustpilot

What Is Trustpilot? Well, it is a customer review platform founded by Peter Holten Mühlmann, in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2007. It is an open-source that works as a resource that delivers honest reviews. Along with posting reviews, anyone can read reviews from other consumers.

This website provides both positive reviews and negative reviews of businesses and services. Trustpilot is a top review website that is popular for its expertise, not its name. More than 4 million new reviews are posted to Trustpilot every month.

Also, 3 billion internet users are visiting the Trustpilot every month to choose from the best options. Trustpilot is good for retail, e-commerce,  financial services, consumer goods, healthcare, travel, consumer services, auto, and so on.

How Does Trustpilot Work?

How does Trustpilot work? Well, it’s simple: it collects reviews and ratings from customers around the world. Customers can create an account and share their experience, and companies can also create an account to respond. Here we’ll show how this online review website work-

  • The journey begins with a review posted by reviewers. Anyone can with a brief review about their buying or service experience or personal preferences. The reviewers can give reviews through one to five-star ratings.
  • Once the review is posted, it will be shown chronologically. The business or service provider can reply in the review.
  • Here everyone posts reviews by maintaining Trustpilot rules. Though many users post fake reviews, Trustpilot is very strict about fraud or misuse.
  • Trustpilot allows the customer and business to flag reviews, which is against the rule. They take immediate and appropriate action against each flagged real review or organic review.
  • Moreover, anyone can update their review to add the most recent transactions or details. This is how Trustpilot works and helps to build and provide better business and customer service.

Is Trustpilot Legit?

Trustpilot is one of the safest legit online review services that still exist when it’s about legality. They are very strict with its service, and Trustpilot works legally to keep its reputation. Trustpilot has dedicated experts to detect fraud and also has clear rules and safeguards for consumers. Below we will show you how they deal with each review, have a look-

  • Fake Reviews

There is no such place for fake reviews on Trustpilot. Fake reviews or paid reviews are given to manipulate the business or service. Trustpilot has an expert team to detect and delete fake positive or negative reviews.

  • Unfair Review Collection

Trustpilot is the most trusted online reviews service that also deals with all types of unfair review collections. If they find any of a review that is not natural or fair, they will take immediate action.

  • Reported Reviews

Any user can flag or report any review if they find it against Trustpilot’s rules and policy. Users can flag if any review contains illegal content, promotional information, and even personal information.

  • Misuse of Reporting

As Trustpilot allows everyone to post reviews about any business or service, some users can misuse it. However, to keep the reputation, Trustpilot keeps its eyes on reviews to prevent all unusual reviews.

  • Brand Misuse

You may purchase trustpilot reviews for business purposes, but many users buy reviews to misuse the brand value. Trustpilot always keeps an eye on reviews and takes action to stop such things.

Can You Buy Reviews on Trustpilot?

Buy Reviews on Trustpilot
Buy Reviews on Trustpilot

Trustpilot will be worth your money because it offers a real online review service. Anyone can purchase a Trustpilot review, and it is good to buy trustpilot reviews from a trustable site. Though you will find many websites that may provide the best possible deal for you, many of them are fake.

However, Trustpilot offers two affordable plans with a special custom plan. There are –

  • Free – This plan will cost you $0 and give you permission for 100 invitations customer reviews. Here you can be able to use 2 TrustBox widgets and also have support from Trustpilot.
  • Standard –  When you purchase the “Standard” plan from Trustpilot, then you will have to pay $199 per month. Here you will have 8 review TrustBox widgets and access to the customer success team. You can learn more detailed analysis and also invite more customer reviews.  The standard plan will also let you access marketing assets and also drive Google’s stellar ratings.
  • Customize Standard with Add-ons –  Here, you can purchase a customized plan based on your business or service needs. You can get unlimited invitation access for customer review write with verified reviews. Here you will also have a TrustBox optimizer, targeted TrustBoxes, tagging, and Facebook automated sharing option.

How Can Trustpilot Help Your Business?

Among plenty of online review sites, Trustpilot is top quality and trustable review website. Online reviews are based on two methods, including positive reviews and negative reviews, and both significantly impact business or services.

Recent research shows that more than 91% of customers have a high probability of purchasing products with 5-star reviews. On the other hand, negative reviews will create a negative experience in customer’s minds. Trustpilot is not like other review sites, and it does not provide false reviews.

It is a trustworthy website that earns more than 6.9 billion impressions every month. When more than 4 million new reviews are posted per month, you can clearly understand its trustworthiness.

Final Thoughts

Now you perfectly know if you can buy reviews on Trustpilot or not. You also know how Trustpilot works and whether it is trustworthy or not. This review management tool will be the best choice for medium to large-sized online businesses to connect with customers and build trust.

More than 6.9 billion trustpilot review impressions are made by millions of customers every month. Anyone can purchase Trustpilot reviews from different trustable third-party websites to grow their business. However, you have to make sure; these third-party websites offer 100% non-drop Trustpilot reviews with a money-back guarantee.

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