Combat Responsiveness is improved in the New World February PTR Update


A number of combat updates, balance changes, and bug fixes are included in New World’s latest public test realm build, which will be released into the wild on February 3 for players to put through their paces before the update is rolled out to the live version of Amazon’s massively multiplayer online game (MMO).

As previously stated by Amazon Game Studios, the month of February will not see the release of any new content for New World, with the team instead concentrating on bug fixes and performance improvements.


In a live game, deciding when to allocate resources toward new content versus improving what is already available is a delicate balancing act, and new world gold is no exception, according to the February PTR announcement. For our February game update, we’ve put a halt to feature development in order to focus on improving the overall state of the live game.

The most notable of these enhancements are the ones that address responsiveness issues. Weapon swapping should be more fluid now that players can swap between weapons while doing dodges, reacting to situations, using consumables, and traversing the environment. Swapping to a weapon and then queuing an attack or ability is now also possible, allowing the player to perform an action immediately after swapping weapons or abilities. Aside from that, the time required to recover following dodging has been reduced.

Despite the fact Cheap new world gold the PTR notes do not go into specifics, a number of weapon abilities have undergone significant revisions. These abilities include the Great Axe’s powerful Gravity Well ability, as well as potent Musket skills such as Stopping Power, Sticky Bomb, and Shooter’s Stance, which are all available to players.

The February PTR update also includes a dedicated trade chat channel for players to sell their wares, as well as a number of adjustments to the game’s Outpost Rush PvP mode, including changes to how the mode’s scoring works as well as updates to rewards, which now include faction tokens as well as other items.

You can find the complete set of PTR notes here. Endgame dungeons in New World recently received the Mutator system, which also includes methods for increasing the maximum gear score of items, giving max-level players more content to engage with.


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