CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Certification Study Guide:


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What You’ll Discover

CompTIA has created the Official CompTIA Security+ Study Guide (SY0-601) for CompTIA certification candidates. The Original CompTIA Security+ Study Guide is rigorously verified by third-party subject material specialists to ensure proper insurance of the Security+ exam objectives. It emphasizes the important knowledge and capabilities needed for such a CompTIA certification exam (SY0-601). After you’ve finished reading the material, you’ll be able to: 

  1. Compare and contrast security roles and controls.
  2. Distinguish between Threat Actors and Threat Intelligence.
  3. Perform security evaluations
  4. Recognize the difference between social engineering and malware.
  5. Compile a list of basic cryptographic concepts.
  6. A public Key Network must be established.
  7. Authentication Controls should be implemented.
  8. Controls for identity and account management should be implemented.
  9. Implement Network Security Designs
  10. Install security appliances on your network
  11. Use secure networking protocols.
  12. Host Security Solutions should be implemented.
  13. Implement Mobile Security Solutions
  14. Synthesize the Secure Application
  15. Use secure networking protocols.
  16. Host Security Solutions should be implemented.
  17. Implement Mobile Security Solutions Compile a list of secure application concepts
  18. Implement Cloud Security Solutions 
  19. Explain the concepts of data privacy and protection
  20. Respond to an incident 
  21. Explain the concept of digital forensics. 
  22. Compile a list of risk management concepts. 
  23. Make Cybersecurity
  24.  Resilience a Priority Describe Physical Safety


You should have passed your CompTIA Network+ certification examination and also have 24 months of expertise in properly carried and IT management to just get the most out of CompTIA Security+ Exam Prep and also be able to plan for the examination. Before starting this program, we strongly suggest that you do have the essential skills and knowledge: Are using a keyboard and mouse. Learn how PC components are working and what their basic features are. ability to create and maintain built into Windows, and use formal administrative capabilities (Explorer, Control Panel, and Management Consoles). Know the Client-server model, topologies, Ethernet, TCP/IP, switch, and gateways, as well as many other critical network terminology and functionality. TCP/IP connectivity, core technologies, and debugging tools all are things to keep in mind.

Can I study Security+ 501 or Security+ 601?

We suggest and recommend you take this latest Security+ SY0-601 examination if you’ve not begun researching for either iteration of Security+ certification. We recommend taking this SY0-501 if you’ve already devoted time & expense reading again for Security+ SY0-501.

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