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Get FREE Crunchyroll Guest Pass [ FREE Methods 2021]

What is Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll is an Anime streaming service. It is a very popular place that has a library of anime that ranges from older stuff like Naruto to newer anime like Haikyuu, Re: Zero. They have an app for different devices. Basically, Crunchyroll has its own originals like Netflix or Disney+. This provides the content to 100 million registered users worldwide. Its premium subscription costs $7.99 per month.  To watch fresh anime without ads, you have to purchase a premium subscription. One premium account can be used on a maximum of two devices. With the premium subscription, as a complimentary, you may receive a free guest pass which you can pass to your friend, or you can give it to anyone trustworthy.

Crunchyroll guest pass

Is Crunchyroll premium worthy?

Definitely, Premium Crunchyroll subscription provides us access to anime the week it is released without ads. This application has over 1200 shows which aren’t limited to anime only. 

If we want a free premium subscription, then there is always the Crunchyroll guest pass. This is an encouragement that they offer to premium users. Crunchyroll guest pass allows premium users to invite a friend to use the site for free. A premium account should be credited with a guest passcode once a month that the user can share with his/her friend.

After receiving the code, you can enter it into the Crunchyroll guest pass page and receive 48 hours of free access to Crunchyroll’s premium service. These guest passes are complimentary services that have limits. It’s not a full premium account. Crunchyroll guest passes are time-limited to 48 hours, and their volume is limited to 10 passes per six months. 

How to get Crunchyroll Guest Pass?

  • From a friend:

A friend who has a premium subscription to Crunchyroll can provide us a guest pass, which will allow us to access free content. 

  • A weekly guest pass the mega thread

This is another way to grab the Crunchyroll guest pass. Every Thursday, we can find a thread on the Crunchyroll subreddit. In this, users post guest passcodes, and you must be quick to take advantage of them. Anyone can use them right away, and the positive part is we can see lots of codes being offered by the users.

  • Social Media – Facebook

We can also get Crunchyroll guest pass from Facebook groups like Anime Monk and Anime Fanatics International. Also, there are hundreds of such groups where you will be offered codes, but they are not guaranteed. 

  • Forums

Crunchyroll has its anime forum, which has its official site that provides guest pass thread. Guest passcodes are publicly posted in anime forums. In this, you must try few codes and get the valid one. 

  • Telegram

Telegram is also one of the sites that supply Crunchyroll guest passes. We can reach out to lots of telegram groups and channels where we can simply find guest passes. 

How often premium members receive guest passes?

They receive a guest pass every 30 days. The users can pass such codes to their friends or randomly post in forums or comments.

How many people can access one Crunchyroll account at a time?

Crunchyroll is the most recognizable anime streaming service where we can watch the most famous animes in HD quality. When you have a subscription, you can connect two devices with one account. This means two people can access the same account. 


The Crunchyroll guest pass isn’t assured and guaranteed. It’s a system that appears a bit of hit and miss. Sometimes guest passes can be misused. And it can be difficult to get a valid guest pass. Those who do not prefer to chase after Crunchyroll guest pass can join a subscription account and get a free trial for 14 days. And if they enjoy Crunchyroll, then they can organize cash to access the Crunchyroll premium account.  



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