Crypto Blackjack Guide For 2022

Unlike poker, blackjack pits you against the dealer. Get the upper hand, and you win the game. Its simple gameplay has made it one of the most popular casino games. 

If you have played the game before, crypto blackjack should not seem alien to you. Apart from placing bets with crypto coins like Bitcoin, the rest of the gameplay remains the same. 

Before we go deeper into this guide, let’s make a quick reminder. You have two choices; play the online game or the live variant. Either way, the strategies we are about to discuss will place you on solid footing to win.


Play at the Best Casinos

Regardless of how good your strategies are, the experience may turn sour if you are not playing at the best online casinos. As a result, loading crypto blackjack from top-rated sites is crucial. 

Take the Bitcoin blackjack hand, for example. The best casinos pay 3:2 or 150% without delay. On the flip side, some platforms might offer a 6:5 payout. 

Playing the game on premium platforms ensures you get the appropriate payouts for crypto bets. You might even find competitive rates that are better than many rivals. 

Another reason you should play at top-rated sites is the house edge. Crypto blackjack can make a dent in your bankroll, hence the need to maximize your wins. One way you do that is by playing in casinos with lower house edges.

The lower the house edge, the greater your cashout. It is a simple but effective strategy that can extend your gaming time. 

Make playing at the best casinos your top strategy, and you have covered 50% of this guide. The rest of the strategies affect the game itself, as we will see in the subsequent section. 


Crypto Blackjack Requires Skill

Slot machines are some of the most prevalent casino games, played out by chance, especially those with eCOGRA endorsements. You’ll need every bit of luck as you don’t control the numbers in such situations.

On the other hand, Bitcoin blackjack has room for skills, though it still requires luck. The more sharpened your skills are, the better your chances of winning against the casino. Thankfully, you have demo versions to practice with before going all in. 

Winning against the dealer requires patience and the application of specific strategies. While they don’t outright guarantee a win, your chances will get the needed boost. In any case, cards are dealt randomly, and you never know the value of the dealer’s face-down card.

That being said and done, let’s explore some strategies to keep you afloat when playing crypto blackjack. 


Avoid Splitting Tens

Cards like the Jack, Queen, and King have a value of 10 in the game. Having two of them on the table means you are at 20. At this point, you might want to make more money by splitting them with different bets.

While this strategy might reward you with more funds if you win, you risk losing everything. You see, 20 is already a strong hand, just one point shy of the highest, 21. Splitting it means you cut your strength in half, hoping that the new cards dealt should supplement it.

Remember, you don’t have control over which cards the dealer deals. As a result, you could get a 2 or 3 card, which will send your bets straight to the casino if the dealer has the higher hand. 

Splitting can be profitable, without a doubt, but splitting tens is something you should avoid in crypto blackjack. Notwithstanding, always look at the dealer’s face-up card before taking action.


Double Down on the 11s

This strategy can yield higher returns if you win. It is more on the offensive than defensive because you are going for the kill. Nevertheless, it is not full-proof, and you could still lose your bets.

If you have an 11 on the table, you can double down before going for the third card. Pick a queen, jack, or king, and you will have the highest hand of 21. At that point, the worst that could happen is a tie. 

While this strategy is very potent in crypto blackjack, be wary of your opponent’s card. You might want to show restraint if the casino has an ace on the table. Other than that, you can go all-in to double your bet. 


Stay on the 12s or 13s

In crypto blackjack, 12 or 13 is a far cry from having the highest hand of 21. Naturally, we would want to hit and take an extra card, but let’s show you why standing is the best course of action.

Cards like 10, jack, king, and queen will immediately end the round against you when added to your 12s or 13s. Unless the dealer has an ace, it is a risky move and one you should avoid making. 

Standing on anything above 11 is a smart move. The casino might end up with a higher hand, but that is a probability. So, why risk losing the round if you go above 21?

The only exception to this strategy in Bitcoin blackjack is when you have doubles. Then, you may split to maximize the returns in the event of winning. 


Stay Within Your Bankroll 

This strategy is as crucial as the others mentioned above. It is easy to slide down the trench of addiction with the lure of winning more money. That is why you must incorporate this tactic into your gameplay. 

Thankfully, the best crypto blackjack sites have responsible betting tools that minimize losses while preventing addiction. Use them as much as possible and avoid going for bets beyond your bankroll.

Play within your Bitcoin assets and ignore the lure of spicy returns. All the strategies will prove abortive if you lose your cool when playing Bitcoin blackjack. 



Crypto blackjack can be very rewarding when you break even with the casino. The first step to a successful campaign is to go to the best sites with low house edges. Then, employing some strategies becomes even more profitable to you in the long run. 

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