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Dark Mode In Android : Android Q 2019


Hey fellas! Welcome to the tech news section of our page. In this article we are gonna talk about the new feature of Android Q that we all are waiting for: Dark Mode in Android phones.

Dark mode is one of the hot topics these days either in websites, applications or operating system. We all know Windows 10 has its dark mode and websites like YouTube also offer their own dark mode. In Android phones some apps may offer you dark mode but there is no default dark mode in Android system settings. Even if we can see the color inversion option in the developer options of an Android devices, the only thing it does is inverts color. The color inversion also affects images, which isn’t what we want to see.

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Dark mode was developed to reduce strain on our eyes while we are reading, either in low light or night time. Its main feature is that due to dark theme, it reduces the strain on our eyes as amount of light reduces in dark mode. Another advantage of dark mode is that it can improve your battery life. Yes, you read it right if your phone has an OLED screen then dark mode automatically means less power consumption. It is because showing black color requires very less power compared to that of bright color.

But, implementing dark mode isn’t as easy as you may think. To implement it on entire device level developers should tweak the apps on the play store. Nonetheless, dark mode will be a handy feature in our smartphones. What do you think about the dark mode in android? Leave your thoughts in comments. Also check our Facebook page.

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