Data Science in Healthcare: Present and Future

Data Science in Healthcare

The implementation of innovative technologies certainly plays a huge role in the success of any company in any industry. However, the most important area that has been proven to require much more enhancement is healthcare. Healthcare continues to be actively digitalized and improved, opening up new opportunities for both patients and healthcare professionals. 

The next stage in transforming the healthcare industry is data science and its benefits are the next steps in changing the healthcare sector. New data science approaches are emerging, assisting in the transformation of raw data gathered in the healthcare field into valuable information. Among the areas which will undoubtedly benefit from data science are workflow and process optimization, data management, patient care, and predictive analytics. 

How Can Data Science Enhance Healthcare?

Predictive Medicine

With predictive medicine apps:

  • It is much easier to identify possible risks. 
  • People can prevent diseases based on the patient’s health data collection with wearables.
  • Professionals can predict patient responses to certain treatments, disease risks, tailor patient experiences, and deliver customized health care.

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging tools allow:

  • Improving medical image analysis.
  • Carrying out BI-based analysis of human organs and disease diagnostics.
  • Helping to detect the most common cases much faster.

Virtual Assistant.
Chatbots and other virtual assistants integrated with mobile healthcare solutions can:

  • Provide basic healthcare support. 
  • Help to make an appointment with a doctor. 
  • Simplify routine medical tasks.

Data Science Apps

There are many mobile healthcare applications available like MDM solution for healthcare allows doctors and caregivers to access patient data, treatment updates and other healthcare information through securely managed handheld devices.

Skin Cancer Detectors

One of the most prevalent malignancies is skin cancer. However, the number of cases could be much less if people could detect the very first symptoms and see a doctor in a timely manner. Machine learning algorithms can detect cancer early. With machine learning, modern applications are able to analyze such parameters of neoplasms as symmetry, color, size, shape, so that healthcare professionals can deliver a more convenient, less expensive, and quicker cancer diagnosis.

Smartwatches to Prevent Diseases

According to researches, smartwatches can detect physiological changes such as a drop in red blood cell count, early symptoms of dehydration, anemia, and diseases like the flu or a cold. Smartwatches also keep people informed about their condition and assist physicians in the prevention of certain diseases and disorders. Scientists are moving forward and have developed a smartwatch app that notifies users when signs of infection-fighting arise on their bodies. Furthermore, the program may detect COVID-19 symptoms even before they appear.

Useful Insights from Raw EMRs

Innovative technologies can analyze large amounts of data, namely medical records of patients, which contain information on illnesses, treatment techniques, drug reactions, side effects, complications, and much more. Thanks to detailed and quick analysis, healthcare professionals can quickly identify the disease and make the right treatment decisions.

BIDMC uses BI-based decision assistance for clinicians across different departments and functions in collaboration with additional databases maintained outside of BIDMC. All the collected electronic records are analyzed for responding to actions and events such as prescription adjustments, patient visits, new test findings, and newly found allergic responses.  Intelligent data analysis enables clinicians and other healthcare workers at BIDMC to provide better care to their patients.

The developers believe that in the near future, we’ll see more technological advancements in data-driven healthcare. If you want to drive the future now and build your data science applications, you need the right technology partner. Emerline knows everything about modern technologies and is ready to help you with their creation and implementation. Book a free consultation with specialists, and they will answer all your questions and help you choose your development path!

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