Difference between terrarium and aquarium

terrarium and aquarium

Providing the animals with their natural habitat is the best way to boost their growth. There are different requirements for different animals. The most common animals that are found in houses are fish and reptiles. To provide them with their natural habitat, it is necessary to keep them in a controlled environment.

Aquariums and terrariums are some of the best-controlled environment products for the fishes and reptiles. Aquarius is for the fishes, and they are mostly filled with water, while the terrarium is the controlled environment for the snakes, and they don’t contain the water. 

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What is meant by an aquarium?

It is one of the most commonly used controlled environments for aquatic animals like turtles, crabs, and, most widely, the fishes. They are mostly known as aquaria or fish bowls. They come in different sizes according to the pet. One of the most common things is that it has at least one transparent side from which you can see the aquatic animals.

Large public aquariums are displayed in many countries with dolphins and large aquatic animals like seals. However, they have different sizes, and mostly they are transparent. The size of a standard fish tank is about 10 gallons.

What is meant by a terrarium?

It is an indoor mini garden inside a glass cage that is commonly used for reptiles like snakes, lizards, etc. Two types of terraria, the open and close, are most common in the market. The close terrarium has a removable top lid. Small holes are provided in the top lid for the sake of ventilation. 

These provide a fully functional controlled ecosystem for the reptiles. The proper lighting and the heating of a terrarium are necessary to boost the growth of the reptiles. Animals like salamanders, lizards, and spiders can easily live in the terrariums.

Main Differences between aquarium and terrarium

Following are some of the main differences between the terrarium and the aquarium:

  • Organisms

An aquarium is a controlled environment for aquatic animals like fishes, turtles, crabs, etc. At the same time, the terrarium is used for land-based reptiles like snakes, lizards, etc.

  • Sealings

Aquariums are permanently sealed to avoid any leakage. The reason is that they are filled with water. While on the other hand, the terrarium comes in both sealed and open options. They are not filled with water and only contain plants, heat lamps, etc.

  • Water

Aquariums are waterproof since they are always filled with water. Thus, they can bear a certain amount of weight and pressure. On the other hand, the terrarium is not waterproof because they are not filled with water.


Keeping a pet is not accessible if you do not provide all the possible care. Whether it is a fish or a snake, controlled environments like aquariums and terrariums can be used to provide them with the best natural habitat.