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Code Obfuscation

Mobile applications play a major role to make our everyday life simpler and comfortable. Be it a quick online transaction or checking the weather conditions, every task has its own individual application. However, with the rising incidents of cybercrime going around the world the safety of these online platforms is being compromised. Every web developer needs a well-engineered cybersecurity scheme that can eliminate such interruptions in an app. Organizations often underestimate the necessity of applying powerful security strategies for these popular applications. By considering the risks involved with these situations, developers have come with successful methodologies such as Code Obfuscation. It is a method of customizing the source code so that it cannot be hacked in any way. Here are some ways you can implement to make your mobile applications safer:

  • Opting for security experts or professionals is very clever and probably the best option to go for. Though there are many tips on how to secure your websites on your own, many a time we may fall short to keep it safe from new attacks. Security experts or firms protect the websites from externals dangers more effectively than we can. However, we should do thorough research before spending and hiring such professionals.
  • Backing up your data and essential information related to the organization is crucial as you never know when your web application will be targeted by hackers. If it’s not done you might end up losing your database and the reputation of your company will be jeopardized. To avoid such circumstances you need to recruit certain professionals who will ensure that your data is restored at regular intervals.
  • The security code for each application should be scanned as and when required. Security tests and drills need to be performed manually so that all the liabilities can be caught. The penetration tests should be performed on the basis of their size so that the security panel can understand what factors they must work on. This testing needs to be executed after each particular development of the software. The organization must understand that cyberpunks are trained to create malware that cannot be detected when they are subjected.
  • To reduce the chances of successful security breakdown the quality of authentication given to each application needs to be expanded. The users of the application must be asked to choose strong and unpredictable passwords. We often forget what password we had selected for a particular application. If you deploy a password management tool, the users can access all the known passwords with one click. To make the passwords unrecognizable these tools should auto-generate words on their own so that the job becomes easier for everyone.

 Along with developing better applications for customers, checking up on its security is of utmost importance. Often developers either forget to think about its security or they are too late. Hence it should be included in the development process from the very beginning. Web security should be included before its offered to the public.

What is code obfuscation?: It is a method by which the coded set of instructions is modified and concealed intentionally by the system operator so that it is not visible to black hats. It is used to design a safe environment for avoiding any kind of piracy. The algorithm includes a set of coded elements that can block data tampering by creating confusion among the attackers. As a result, the overall size of the code is reduced and looks like a compact set of hidden instructions. By the time a hacker will try to decode the hidden information, the security system will be alerted and the software engineers will get time to react accordingly.

Methods of code obfuscation: There are different ways of obfuscating a particular code. For example, programmers try to change the variable name used at different levels so that it becomes hard to trace why that specific variable is assigned. The control flow of data is made invisible by adding numbers and special characters to the function name. Also, the process of storing a particular data structure in the memory is altered. A single array can be made complicated by dividing it into a number of smaller arrays placed at different regions within the same program.

How the technique of code obfuscation has helped programmers in the real world: The process is most beneficial to developers who create applications containing open-source data. Such applications are highly targeted by computer engineers for personal gains. There are various reasons for the rising popularity of this security process.

  • It plays a major role in adding security layers to each program as it is extremely difficult to decipher. The hacker might take the entire day but still won’t be able to analyze how the application works. It almost acts like a password that cannot be guessed or manipulated. If the unauthorized user wants to use the obfuscated code he has to know the reverse engineer process required to convert it into the original code. This needs an invariable amount of time.
  • This technique also removes the unused code segments that actually do not have any overall impact on the output. This makes the body of the program set smaller and leads to a quick compilation process. The debugging can be done effortlessly and the overall code performance updates. It saves a lot of time while developing the overall structure of any kind of application. Optimization of the code is improved. Even if any pro hacker becomes successful in obtaining the deobfuscated code, it might not match the original one
  • When an obfuscated code is designed the developer will understand if anyone makes an illegal copy of the company’s personal database. Any copyright issues can be solved and the uniqueness of the application is maintained. If the code is distributed to multiple users, you can successfully find the exact server where the piracy originated. This will help developers to maintain the integrity of their work by saving a lot of valuable time and resources.

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